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Home sales dipped, but prices rose a bit in the Anthem Parkside real estate market during January. Sales decreased 14% from December but were up 7% year over year.  The average sale price increased 3% versus December and was up 22% versus January 2018.  The average price per square foot decreased 6% from December, and was down 4% year over year for the Parkside. The average days on market remained the same relative to December but was up 28% versus Janury 2018. The inventory of homes on the market is at a 2.05 month’s supply, still a seller's market. The 12 month moving average, $322,050 is up 7% from last year; showing the first significant increase in several months. The number of homes currently on the market rose to 63, while the number of homes

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Home sales dropped again, but prices rose a bit in the Scottsdale real estate market during January. The number of homes sold was down 12% from December and down 21% from last January. This marks seven out of the last eight months of declining home sales in Scottsdale.  The average sale price increased 3% from December and is up 5% from January 2018. The 12 month moving average sale price is up 9% from a year ago,  now standing at $583,650.  The number of homes on the market is 2,710, 9% more than December, but 2% less than January 2018.  The days on market remains at 91, 21% less than last year, and the burn rate (homes pending/home sold) is at 4.08 months, now leaning toward a buyer's market.  There are currently 881 homes under contract, 15% less

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Homes sales fell again but prices rose in January in the Phoenix, AZ real estate market.  The number of homes declined by 19% versus December and down 10% year over year. The average sale price rose 2% from December, and was up 10% over January 2018. Sellers received about 98% of their list price during the month. The number of homes on the market rose 11% compared to December and up 16% year over year.  The 12 month moving average sale price, now at $299,813 (up 9% from the previous year), continues to edge up ever so slightly but is starting to level off.  The days on market is 69, up 10% from last year and well within the benchmark of a seller's market.  The "Burn Rate" (pending sales/active listings) ticked down to 3.18 months supply.  The price

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After the whole 2008/09 housing crash I swore to myself that I would alert people when I saw the signs of another impending housing market crash, or at least a decline.  Unfortunately by the time the media announces it as news the decline is usually in full swing.  And as the saying goes on Wall St. buy on the rumor, sell on the news. Best advice is to consult a Realtor. Below is a list of factors that I keep an eye on to determine whether our housing market is in for darker days:


1. Interest rate increases - Yes, this is obvious, but it usually spells the end of a housing boom. The Federal Reserve has two basic tenents: to gauge and monitor inflation and to gauge and monitor employment.  Typically when the economy reaches full employment

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For those unfamiliar with Pickleball it is the fastest growing sport in the U.S.  It's basically miniaturized tennis and can be played in both singles and doubles format like tennis.  Instead of a racket Pickleballers use paddles and the ball is a multi-holed plastic "Whiffle Ball".  Surprise, AZ is considered the "Pickleball Capital of the World" now.  It is a sport that is attractive to all age levels and capabilities.


Go to the official Pickleball site for more information.


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The Villas at Anthem real estate market had 2 sales in December, 1 more than November and 2 more than December 2017. There are currently 4 homes on the market in The Villas, and 2 homes currently under contract. The 12 month moving average price, $187,752 inched down again this month but is up 13% versus December 2017. 

Here are the latest stats for the month ending 12/31/18:

Active Listings: 4

Homes Pending: 2

Homes sold in last 90 days: 2 (Up 100% from Nov. '18, Up 2 sales from Dec. '17)

Burn rate (Inventory on market / by homes currently under contract) = 3.00

Avg. Sale price (Solds): $184,000 (Down 16% from Nov. '18, N/A vs. Dec. '17)

Avg. price per sq. ft. (Solds): $144.75 (Up 2% from Nov. '18, N/A vs. Dec. '17)

Avg. Days

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