Who is Velvet?

As a Tucson transplant by choice, I may not have grown up here, but I sure can tell you why you'd want to make it your home now!  Originally from Bristol, VA., I have moved all across the country - and even lived in Italy for a bit.  Upon stepping off the plane on my 1st visit here, I knew there was something magical about The Old Pueblo.  From the sunsets, to the Saguaros - Tucson has beauty that is unmatched in the rest of the world.  I fell in love!  Now my passion is introducing others to Tucson.  I absolutely love what I do.  

On a personal note - I have 4 dogs who own my heart.  I am especially obsessed with Dachshunds and all things weinerdog! I also love the Boston Red Sox and FOOD!!  I'm known as a playful jokester, but am all business when necessary.  

The best way to know me is to meet me!  Give me a call and ask me how I can help you find your perfect slice of Tucson.

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