What better time to decide to become REALTORS® than during a move? Living in Chicago, a friend had told us how excited he was to be going into to real estate. This got Ed (my husband) thinking, so as we were moving cross-country from Chicago to Tucson, Ed turned to Barbara and said, “Let’s do this together.” We arrived in Tucson to 7” of snow in December of 1971 and went to work. Nine months later, we opened our own real estate brokerage, Heritage Real Estate Company. No stranger to hard work, Ed even built the store front himself! After 10 years, we sold the real estate business and decided it was time for a change of pace. We opened up a shop in the Tucson Mall called Crabtree & Evelyn and ran it for 11 years. Missing the experience of being a REALTOR®, we returned full-time to real estate in 1991. To this day, that’s who you will get when you call us – not someone else, but Barbara and Ed working together. Barbara always gets along with people and our clients can relate to her in a positive way. Ed is the computer and paper guy, finding fun in the process and always ready with the laughs. Plus, knowing Tucson real estate for the past 45 years is a unique advantage. We take pride in a job well done and are willing to go the extra mile for our clients. Once we literally went the extra mile when Ed’s cousin was moving from Texas to Tucson. After we helped him to find his new home, Ed then helped him fly his open cockpit 1940’s era Navy Stearman Bi-plane to its new home, but the plane wasn’t in the best of shape. It had no transponder, radio or communications between the front and rear cockpit. Oil was also leaking from behind the prop and required them to stop every 45 minutes or so. To make matters worse, it was shortly after 9-11 and the Air Force was cautioning against possible attacks from crop dusters like that Stearman. A trip that normally took two days lasted for five as Ed navigated by pointing directions and carried a small American flag on hand in-case a plane from Davis-Monthan happened to fly by. Quite the adventure! We are proud of the incredible friendships that have come out of being REALTORS®. We don’t just disappear when the ink dries. Once, a client was visiting Europe and his mother was home in Tucson. We got a call from the client’s sister in New York asking us to check on their sick mother. When we arrived the mother was ill and needed medical attention, so we accompanied her to the hospital until her son could get a flight back to Tucson. We were happy to help out and touched that they trusted us. We love Tucson – from the friendliness of the people to the fabulous mountain topography and stunning sunsets. When not working, we enjoy relaxing at home with Mojo, our polish lowland sheepdog. Barbara likes to read and talk on the phone with our two sons. Ed likes to watch the Wildcats or Cubs play on TV. If you’re looking for a dedicated team with experience to help you buy or sell your next home, look no further and give us a call! We’d love to help you on your next real estate adventure.

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