When choosing a career, I wanted the freedom to work on my own time. That flexibility is exactly what makes me a great choice to be your REALTOR®, as I can dedicate all my focus on my clients in their pursuit of their dream homes. And since I’m dedicated and hard-working, you know you can count on me to get you the best deal while doing so.

My expertise extends beyond what you would think of as common real estate knowledge thanks to my previous careers. I was a lawyer, which helps me immensely when dealing with property law, a distinct advantage you have when choosing me. And I learned how to deal with people from being both a lawyer and teacher, an indispensable part of making deals and creating a pleasant environment for clients. And I’m also bilingual, allowing me to communicate with more people.

I’m not just about real estate, but every part of my life informs my job. The home is the most important part of my time away from work, and I spend my time there reading, crafting, and spending time with my family. I understand how important the home is in people’s lives, which is why I’m attuned towards finding you a place that you can call home for a long time.

Though I’m originally from Sonora, Mexico, I absolutely love the Sierra Vista area I live in now. I live for the beautiful views that grace my doorstep every day – the wonderful sunsets are particularly striking – and the multicultural community is important to me. I highly recommend the Sierra Vista-Douglas area as a place to lay roots and find your home in. If all this sounds good to you, give me a call and let’s talk.