A longtime local, my love of Arizona can be traced back many years. After moving here from Ohio back in 1977, I spent time discovering the state which included Sonoita, Elgin and Patagonia before settling down and buying a home in Flagstaff. I worked and paid my way through college. eventually earning a degree in Business Management (additional studies in Art, Industrial Supervision and Economics) from Northern Arizona University. In the following decades, I developed and owned several sales and manufacturing companies in Arizona and Mexico. dabbling in Real Estate throughout my life. My eventual transformation into a career in Real Estate was born out of a love for the area I live in, and I couldn't be happier with the path I've taken. My ultimate goal is to help good people find the same satisfaction in living here that I've been enjoying for many years. Working in commission-based positions throughout the entirety of my adult life means that I know how a sale works. It's people working with people. I feel I have a head for business and am adept at listening, supporting and moving my clients best interests forward. One of the most satisfying things in this business is when I see the spark in my clients' eyes upon finding the right place for them, whether it's a small Lot, Ranch or Residence, buying or selling, it's rewarding to help them achieve their goal. I strive to be loyal, ethical and helpful in both my personal and professional lives. A tinker by nature with a curious mind, I like to spend time blacksmithing, building and remodeling spaces. I love outdoor activities such as hunting, four-wheeling, fishing and camping. This area lends itself to all of these activities and much more. Sonoita, Elgin and Patagonia is a special place to live, with wide open spaces, wonderful people, plenty of outdoor opportunities, and a night sky that takes your breath away. My love of this high desert rolling hills region runs deep. Please don't hesitate to get in touch and let me know how I can help guide you through the exciting process of relocating to what is referred to as " Mountain Empire".

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