About Me

"There's no place like home."

                                                Dorothy Gale, The Wizard of Oz

                                                - L. Frank Baum

Who would have ever thought that my favorite line from my favorite movie would also lead me to return to my hometown and pursue a career in real estate? I guess it's no coincidence that in addition to having a strong connection to the land in Arizona, I have worked in show business. I was born and raised in Tucson, moved to Southern California to attend college and remained there for over 20 years. Although I was born in the desert, I was lucky enough to live in such beautiful beach cities as Malibu, Newport Beach and Pacific Palisades.

My family has been in Arizona for generations and my ancestors were ranchers in Elgin. My great-grandparents had a large ranch, well over six-hundred acres. They negotiated with the legendary director, Howard Hawks, to film the movie 'Red River' starring John Wayne and Montgomery Clift on their land. Who would have thought that years later their great-granddaughter would work in Hollywood for Paramount Pictures? I created marketing campaigns and negotiated media deals for films directed by Francis Ford Coppola and Steven Spielberg and for movies that starred Sean Connery, Tom Cruise, Harrison Ford, Diane Keaton, Nicole Kidman, Eddie Murphy and Al Pacino.

Before I landed in show business, I had an award-winning career in marketing. I worked in account management where I honed my skills in providing excellent client service. Based on my performance, I won an award which gave me the opportunity to work in Milan, Italy. In addition to giving me international marketing experience, it allowed me to enjoy the pleasures of Italian food and wine as well as to indulge in my passion for shopping.

I also worked in professional sports. I was recruited by the Angels Baseball team whose owner, Arte Moreno, is also a Tucson native. I worked in Corporate Sales and negotiated sponsorships for many Fortune 500 clients. I guess working in Baseball was a good foundation for working in Real Estate since the objective of both involves getting Home.

So, if you are looking to buy a home or sell one, I would welcome the opportunity to use my extensive client service, marketing management, negotiation skills and sales experience to work with you to make it happen. I would be happy to help you find your first home, your dream home, a home on a golf course or even a luxury property. After all, to quote Dorothy, "there's no place like home."