I take pride in the work I do and in working hard to make the buying and selling process as smooth and seamless for my clients as possible. I enjoy working with people and sharing in their joys as they achieve their goals. Closing my first transaction and being able to hand my buyers the keys to their new home was such a special moment; I felt so fortunate to be a part of that experience for them that I knew it would be my first of many. Coming from a 10 year career as a training professional and management coach, my coaching skills allow me to key into certain details, listen deeply to my clients and ask the questions necessary for clear and efficient communication, all while displaying patience to ensure a successful partnership. The ability to not only listen but really hear and understand what is important to each of my clients helps minimize their stress levels and frustrations throughout their real estate experience with me. I’m reminded why I chose my career in real estate every time I help a client find the home they will build their life in and when I get to assist clients while selling one that holds special memories so they can move on to their next chapter. I would love the opportunity to be a part of your next transition!

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