About Me

Born: Tucson, AZ

Raised: Nogales, AZ

After graduating from NHS in 2009 I moved to Phoenix, AZ, where I lived in the Tempe area near ASU for the next 8 years, until moving here to Tucson in 2017. 

I worked in the restaurant industry since I was 16 years old, and worked almost every position of it before finding real estate. My favorite thing, aside from the hospitality aspect of it, has always been bartending. I learned to love everything about the history and intricacies of cocktails, wines, and beers and there's always so much more to learn. Craft cocktails, beers and wines will always be a love of mine!

Speaking of love of mine- it's an incredible feeling to live with a wonderful little family of my very own! I currently live with my beautiful girlfriend and beautiful puppy pug girl. When I'm not hard at work I definitely spend my time doing my absolute favorite thing: and that's sitting back on the couch and hanging with my two favorite girls.

I've always really enjoyed bicycling around town; as a kid it was bmx and now I enjoy fixed gear road bikes. When I first moved to Phoenix all the smooth pavement made me really get into skateboarding to get all around. It's been something I've loved since, whether it's hanging out at a local skatepark or skating around a sweet nearby campus like the U of A- I make sure to always have a skateboard ready nearby.

I have quite the AZ history in me, and have never lived in a different state. Although I love to travel near and far, my heart is forever in these Arizona deserts, and I wouldn't have it any other way.