Jay Jasper

Jay Jasper Owner and Designated Broker


  • 20645 N Pima Road - Suite 120
    Scottsdale, AZ 85255

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Jay Jasper has a few grey hairs. Okay, a lot of grey hairs. 

Here’s what one of Jay’s clients, a global CEO and recent $3,000,000 Valley homebuyer, called him: “A very smart realtor, mature but not senile.” Jay would take that as a compliment. If 36 years of hands on experience in real estate shows a little, then he can live with that. And with more than 1,500 individual real estate sales to his credit, Jay has vast experience in a broad range of realty transactions. In plain English, if he hasn’t seen it all, he’s seen a whole lot. Jay has an intimate, up-to-the-moment handle on today’s real estate marketplace. He knows the neighborhoods, as well as the latest market trends.

When you ask his clients what they think of Jay Jasper, you consistently hear the same words: trustworthy, honorable, loyal, determined, dedicated, politely persistent and persuasive. To say he has perseverance is an understatement. Jay is tenacious to a fault, stubbornly honest, a natural marketer and a superb, seasoned negotiator. And thanks to the power of Long Realty Platinum Premier, Jay (and his team have) has access to the most innovative digital (real estate) selling tools in America. 

Jay uses the hashtag #OrangelsTruth because the color orange represents high energy, brightness and purity. And since orange is Jay’s favorite color, and Jay Jasper is the epitome of an honest broker, it fits. Orange you glad.

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