Rosemary and I ( Zac Lacy) have teamed up to offer unparalleled service and
expertise for your home buying experience. With over 50 years combined real estate
experience, we've seen about everything in our line of work. We love working together
with our family. Gary Evans (Grandpa Honey) is an insurance agent with Farmers
Insurance, and Julie Lacy (Rosemary's daughter & my sister) is a mortgage officer at
Homeowner's Financial, so there's a lot of real estate talk at our weekly Friday family
dinner. We love what we do; for us, it is all about family.

Consequently, we are not 'Hard Sell' real estate agents. We look at our clients as part
of our extended family and our goal is to help them accomplish their goals in their real
estate transactions. What we sell is service . Whether you buy a home or not, we
strive to be your lifelong trusted advisers and promise to put your needs first. We work
as a team so that we can provide better responsiveness, utilization of technology,
experience, and consistent communication. We're both a little compulsive, so attention
to detail is always a priority. We emphasize understanding client needs, and focus on
finding the best options to meet those needs.

Rosemary has 40 year's experience and has done it all; from short sales and
foreclosures, to luxury properties; from first-time homeowners to investment portfolios.
Simply put, she's one of the best and everybody knows it. Licensed as an associate
broker and holder of numerous professional designations, she's seen it all and always
provides the smoothest possible transactions.

I've been selling homes over 12 years specializing in buyer representation. I
graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Arizona;s Eller School of business
(not to toot my own horn), focusing in Corporate Finance. I have extensive knowledge
of Real Estate finance and investment. I'm also what could be called a 'lifestyle
professional', meaning my work life and social life tend to blend together. I probably do
as much work while at the gym or having a Saturday night cookout, as I do in the office.
So if you're wondering what my business hours are, they're 12:00 a.m. to 11:59 p.m.

We could talk all day about the expertise and experience our team has to offer but, at
the end of the day, what's most important to us is you: our client. We want to get to
know you, to understand what makes you unique and how we can best help you
accomplish your goals. We love to hear about your family, your dreams and
aspirations, and discover how we can work together to meet them. Let our family serve