Client Reviews

The Central office of Long Realty has a fun spirited familial culture. The agents and staff are focused on a positive atmosphere, education, and constant support. The past few years, our business has flourished and one of the contributing factors of our success is being a part of the Central office of Long Realty. We recognize that being a part of Long Realty Central is to be among the best this industry has to offer and we remind ourselves daily what a privilege it is to be apart of this group of agents and staff at Long Realty Company.

Tana N

From the moment I walked in the front door and was welcomed by Joanne's smile, I felt in my gut this was going to be the right place for me! I am launching into my 'fourth' career and although I know I bring decades of experience in customer service, relationship building and care for my clients, Real Estate is a whole new adventure. I have welcomed, supported and 'mentored' already by so many in this office. I can't speak for any of the other offices as I haven't been to them yet, but I know in my heart that I picked the right place for me to launch my new career!

Thom M

Office with great support! As mentioned in my LinkedIn profile, I joined the Long Realty Central office because I believe in its common set of Core Values: Compassion, Excellence, Leadership, Integrity, and Teamwork. Wendy's support, professionalism, and leadership make a difference in every transaction.

Jose I

I really enjoy the camaraderie and all the support from fellow agents who cheer you to do better all the time. This support has really helped me come out of my shell and has helped me in networking. I enjoy trainings and our Wednesday meetings. All of my fellow agents have helped me when I've had questions and I really enjoy learning from them. There is a lot of knowledge in this office that has helped me with very difficult transactions. Central is truly the best place to be! :)

Leticia Z

I have been at the central office my entire time at Long. My home is actually closer to two other Long offices but I continue to come to Central. I love the atmosphere and the agents at Central. It is an open and welcoming office. Never a shortage of agents who can help with the different issues that come up during a transaction. It is truly, the best place to be!

Martha O