Curious about my name? It's pronounced Swan, like the bird, not Swanee, like the river! Of course, there's a story behind that. People like to hear my stories, and I often write about my experiences and musings about life on my blogs (yes, I have more than one!)

Our personal stories are important; they help us make sense out of our lives. Seniors especially need to tell their stories as they come to the end of their lives. I am fully committed to serving the Seniors in the Tucson community as they make difficult decisions about later-in-life moves.

Seniors have special needs when it comes to selling their home and moving into a new living situation. I am trained, skilled, and prepared to help at every turn of a Senior transaction. I am not only a Realtor, but a Realtor who advocates for Seniors.

I have advanced my knowledge and expertise in Senior Real Estate by earning two designations - Certified Senior Housing Professional (CSHP) and Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES). My business is all about Seniors.

I enjoy meeting people from all walks of life, and in various settings. I love to travel and lived full-time in a travel trailer for seven years, going on journeys throughout the Southwest.

I’m fond of Tucson’s bike path, The Loop, and have ridden many sections of it on my Terra Trike recumbent tricycle. I also enjoy creating unique beaded jewelry and researching my family tree..

I look forward to serving the Tucson's residents, new and continuing, in finding just the right home, no matter what the circumstances.

Client Reviews

Su is quite knowledgeable, patient, and helpful.  If she didn't have an answer to my question, she researched it in a timely manner, then responded with the answer I needed.The two best things she did for me were one, to respond to my water emergency and take care of that problem; two, to negotiate with the buyer and myself for the repairs and buyer's assistance.By her explaining things in an intelligent and thoughtful manner I was able to "accept" unexpected items, like buyer's assistance, which is not common in Southern Calif.By informing me of the practice of buyer's assistance,  I could have listed my property at a more acceptable price to me.Su explained all documents that I had questions on and researched answers if she didn't know, then thoroughly explained her answers.I would definitely recommend Su to anyone I know who is buying or selling property in Tucson.  I am very satisfied with her services.  I feel she helped immensely in getting the requested repairs completed in a timely manner so escrow could close without delay.  Also, as I was out of state for almost the entire real estate transaction, I felt Su was very capable in handling all the requirements to complete the sale of my property.  THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!

Linda G