I was born in California, but have been a Native to Arizona for the last 30 plus years. Growning up in the Verde Valley and Sedona I'm able to tell you the hidden gems of this area. If it's a great mom and pop type restaurants, things to do and places to see I've got you covered! While I love what I do and how I get to meet people from all over, I enjoy spending time with my family. I love do it yourself projects, transforming spaces and just hanging out together.

I believe you need to find the place that is right for you and where you are in your life right now. It's not just the sale of a home, it's about building a lasting relationship that doesn't end just when the deal is over. I'm on time, show up and am there for you the entire process.

Give me a call, text or email and let’s find just what you're looking for!

This office is independently owned and operated.

Client Reviews

Stephanie, worked hard to find the home we wanted! Always had something in mind of something we wanted. She was always available when we called to ask questions or needed information. We would absolutely use her again & are proud to say she is now our friend!

Diane R. & Shelley E.

Had no prior knowledge of Stephanie but after speaking with her at length we knew she would be THE ONE! We are from out of state and with the distance barrier we felt she would be best to fulfill our needs and she was! Stephanie went above and beyond what most would be willing to do. She made our purchase easy, stress free and most importantly we felt that she had our best interest ahead of everyone elses, including hers. We, are not only grateful but feel we've made a friend! If Stephanie gets to see this.... THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!!!!!Stephanie made several trips to property and face timed us which was very helpful because we couldn't fly back and forth. Like I said she went above and beyond, she handled every aspect of the sale for us quickly and professionally. Truly a plesure to work with... very kind individual. She was very professional but had a very warm trusting side to her which made us feel very at ease. 

Joette R. & Julie M.

Stephanie was very helpful at every step of my process of buying a home in Cottonwood, from recommending hotels for my short stay to helping time drive times from town to more outlying properties. I was only in town for a short time and in less thatn two days we were able to see all the properties I had my eye on, make an offer and get it accepted successfully. We even were able to make a few return visitns to the short list homes before making the one offer. After my return to Maryland, Stephanie was very helpful with helping me take care of many of the other details that needed attention from me before closing - from contact info for all the utilities to helping identifuy the best property management companies to listing home warranty companies for me to cehck out. I hope everything goes well with my rental plans and that I can repeat the experience working with Stephanie to find a second property in Cottonwood next year. And best of all, I haven't had a single big of buyer's remorse. I'm very happy with the experience. 

Joel M.

Stephanie was awesome every step of the way. Always easily reachable for questions of property showings. If you want someone to really be there with you and get you though the process smoothly, Stephanie is the best. 

Jamie R.

Stephanie was amazing from day one! We met her on Easter Sunday when she met up with us to show us a house. ON EASTER SUNDAY - who else does that?!? She made buying a house a breeze, and maintatined great communication thoughout the entire process. I'd definitely recommend Stephanie to anyone looking for a responsive and experienced realtor. Thank you, Stephanie! 

Marilyn W.