I love the Green Valley and Sahuarita areas and I am eager to share my appreciation and knowledge of our special environment and help you to find the perfect home. Buyers and Sellers can expect my strong support, dedication and hard work to help them reach their unique goals in real estate.

Those that know me, understand that I do not rest until I find the right answer to their question or have provided the sound guidance and practical support to enable them to make their own home buying or selling decisions, easily and calmly. I like to think of my clients as friends and want you to feel like you have a good friend working on your side.... Moving can be a stressful experience and I am here for you every step of the way.

For my part, I have been described as professional, goal oriented, honest and resourceful. I believe in doing what I say, saying what I do and making you feel like family.

If you're ready to make your move and want the teamwork and support I bring, then call or text me today. We'll do it cost effectively and as stress free as possible. I promise!

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Client Reviews

Beautiful soul. Touched my life with her amazing healing love!


I first met Stacey Bell when I tried out a local yoga studio. I followed her after she opened her own studio and then to her expanded studio where I took “Deepening Your Practice” and learned so much more, it would take a novel. Stacey is kind, compassionate, honest and a great listener. You cannot help but be drawn to Stacey, she is one of the very best people I know.

Lori S

Stacey Bell’s strength is her ability to assess her student’s needs.  Her classes are never the same and everyone of her mixed level students leave believing the instruction was targeted at them.  I took her Deepening Your Practice course  and afterwards practiced solo for 2 years with no injuries, personal satisfaction, and marked health improvement.  I returned to her classes, and without asking for help with anything in particular, she helped me improve my practice.   Stacey moved to Tucson a few months ago, but she left me competent to continue my daily practice independently

Spencer L

I so respect and admire my yoga teacher, Stacey. She is an incredibly gifted teacher, spiritual guide and an amazing person. She shares her passion for yoga, auryvedic medicine, shamanism and energy medicine generously in each class without ever pushing. She is empathic and leads class at a number of levels simultaneously – teaching students about our physical and energy bodies, how to open to the wisdom we have within so that we can love and care for ourselves at increasingly deep levels. From the first moment I entered the studio 2 years ago, I knew I had found a new home. She’s created a space that is loving, peaceful and filled with the most wonderful energy. She begins each class asking students what we want to work on – and accepts anything from a body part to a chakra or meridian to more generally, grounding or increased energy. She creates the class on the spot and offers easy to understand directions. She is always encouraging and accepting. My favorite part of class is the spiritual lesson she weaves into practice – she always seems to be spot on with her story, seemingly reading my mind and heart and giving me exactly what I need in the moment. Practice with Stacey is a spiritual experience. She is constantly learning more herself and uses her learning to deepen the practice she offers to students. She is loving and humble while being honest, funny and real; she is fun to be around and I love to go to her classes – I look forward to them, which has never happened to me before. She is a beautiful example of following her own path - always doing her own work and using her own learning to offer us many opportunities to learn for ourselves. She’s created and is leading an open, free flowing and loving community in her studio. I am a truly changed person from taking advantage of the opportunities and learning she’s provided. I’m pretty experienced is personal and spiritual growth, but Stacey has guided me into a more beautiful relationship with myself, my body, while simultaneously helping me open my heart at a deeper level. She is a brilliant teacher and guide and offers a perfect example of living your dharma.

Patti M

Stacey Bell is the embodiment of yoga; the union of mind, body and spirit. From the first week of classes with her, my breath has been able to go into parts of my body that I never knew was possible. Her instructions are subtle and extremely powerful. I had a Thai Healing and found myself creating mudras that I had never experienced before. Outside of class I notice the benefits of yoga. I quit taking anti anxiety medication after the first couple of weeks and feel calmer and more centered than I have felt in 20 years. My meditation practice has a renewed awakening and I am eternally grateful to Stacey for deepening of my experiences.

Gale M

My first visit was for a private session with Stacey. I found the studio to be warm and inviting. I felt completely comfortable and at ease during my session, and Stacey explained everything as she went along. It's clear that she is quite knowledgeable, and that she has a passion for teaching and helping others. I look forward to working with her again. 

Lisa S

With her skill and guidance, Stacey continuously demonstrated a focused commitment as my yoga teacher by aiding me in turning problems into opportunities of greater awareness, allowing each of us to discover our best self. Every day she committed to and supported her students’ needs because she listened to our needs. She unfailingly provided positive results in each of us born from her dedication to hard work. I have no doubt these traits will translate into her real estate practice. As in yoga, Stacey will impress with her commitment to finding the best home for her clients.

Andrea A

Stacey was my yoga teacher and healer for about 2 years. She is an amazing empath. She is so positive about life and living and love.

Joyce R

Before she even became a licensed realtor, while she was still in school, Stacey helped me out as a friend.  I had a realtor and a broker both looking for the "perfect home" who were well aware of my requirements and budget.  it had been 4 months of frustration and constantly being told that my budget was just too low for what I was after.When one day I got a call from Stacey to ask hoe the house hunting was going.. I confided that it was quite aggravating. I am beginning to question whether my move to Green Valley was the right idea or not.... the last place i was taken to was so bad that I just walked right out.I could never have anticipated what happened just a few days after our phone call. I received a text message from Stacey with an address and 3 sentences. "Here is your perfect home. It has everything you want and is in your price range. Get your agent to take you to this house ASAP". I wasted no time, the broker got an appointment the next day at noon. I walked in to the home and knew it was perfect! My offer was made by 2pm and accepted later that afternoon.I have lived in my "perfect home" for 3 months now and continue to thank Stacey Bell for her help whenever we meet.  Stacey is a credit to the real estate industry of Green Valley and the most kind and caring professional I have come across in a long time.

Donna V

It was great working with Stacey! She listened to what we wanted and was always available for advice or questions. We are loving our new home and appreciate all her help in making our house hunting experience positive and fun!


I am not a very patient man, however, Stacey was always available and responsive to my questions and concerns. She never gave up on the search when we were ready to pack it up and go back to MN for the rest of the summer/fall to return in the winter.

David &

Stacey Bell was our agent. She provided top notch service and follow-up, particularly in providing the local knowledge that was needed to evaluate the deal and then facilitating the offer to closing in two weeks. Her behaviors allowed a trust relationship that was sincerely appreciated allowing an excellent experience.

Craig &

Stacey did an excellent job of quickly learning our preferences and then could identify house we should tour. She agreed to appointments anytime -- day or night --, was prompt, professional and always on top of our needs. She worked well with colleague realtors and thus allowed for quick and easy access to the homes we wished to see. Paper work was handled with ease. Mission accomplished, we have a new home!

Sheila F

Stacey was so professional. Walked us through the transaction of selling our house and buying another one in less than a week. She has been kind and helpful with other issues with our new home.

Pamela J

We first met Stacey at an Open House she was conducting. From that first meeting we used Stacey to start a two month search for a home in Green Valley. Stacey was always attentive and available to show us the many homes we selected. Along with our searching, Stacey supplied us with numerous homes to consider based on the criteria we supplied her. Our working with Stacey was not only successful but very pleasant along the way. Her knowledge of the housing market along with her engaging personality worked well for us in an otherwise grueling process. We also made use of her contacts and experience with services and trades in the area for future home improvements. We clearly recommend contacting and meeting Stacey for any home purchase in the Green Valley area.

Don a

I cannot say enough good about our experience with Stacey as she worked with us to sell our existing house and buy a new one. Stacey sat down with my wife and me and LISTENED. We came up with what we considered a fair price for our existing home and had a full price offer within three days of putting it on the market. In the mean time Stacey held an open house, mailed out informational post cards, placed it on the MLS system, and did a great job of marketing our house. When she showed us new houses to look at she never took us to see any houses that did not match the criteria we established i.e. # of bedrooms, bathrooms, price, square footage, etc. Stacey constantly kept us informed about the status of both transactions occurring simultaneously. Any questions or concerns we had during this process were answered promptly and accurately, even when she was on vacation and out of state. Stacey is a hard working, honest, competent, and friendly real estate agent and I give her my highest recommendation. She was an absolute pleasure to work with.

John C

Working with Stacey Bell was simply a pleasure. She was willing and able to answer all my questions and to help me have a very smooth transition to becoming a homeowner in Green Valley, AZ. Furthermore, she did it all in the span of just a few days! She also put me in touch with all the right people to help me through the entire process, much of which was done while I was in New Jersey! She was pleasant, knowledgeable, friendly and very professional. I would certainly be willing to recommend her to anyone who needs a reputable real estate agent!

Alida M

Our experience with Stacy was very good.

Louise B

You did a superior job!!! I have referred you to several of my friends already. Thank you again for everything


If you are looking for someone with passion, enthusiasm and drive, then look no more. Stacey should be your go to for all your real estate needs. During a recent home purchase, Stacey was always available to answer questions and help anyway she could. Her positive energy and energetic and upbeat personality helped to ease the stress that comes along with buying a new home. Next for me is to have Stacey list and sell my previous home! Thank you Stacey!

Mary M

From the starting line (home listing) to the finish line ( signed contract) Stacey provided such a positive, encouraging and successful experience in the sometimes daunting real estate market. She was available at any time for questions, concerns and assistance throughout the entire process. Her positivity, high energy and calming and caring personality are strengths that proved invaluable during the recent sale of my previous home and purchase of my new home! I highly recommend Stacey Bell!!

Rose D

Stacy Bell Was extremely knowledgeable and helpful in the selling of our house I would recommend her.

Thomas &

Stacey Bell is an ethical professional agent. Not only did she IMMEDIATELY help me out of an intense situation; she provided quality, budget-minded renovation advice. She also gave expert advice on the Green Valley, AZ neighborhoods and amenities. I would automatically recommend her to everyone I meet who needs real estate assistance. She completed all details in a timely manner; AND she's a calm, pleasant and fun human being!!!

Maureen Wheeler

Stacey Bell provided me with extremely rapid and efficient service which enabled me to get my offer in and accepted even though I was on vacation in another state. Without her quick service, I probably would not have been able to seal the deal on my fantastic house. I would definitely recommend her if you are looking to buy or sell your property,

Susan Hansen

Wonderful service and advice. I would highly recommend Stacey if you are planning a move!

Mark Klaver

Stacey guided us through both the purchase of our home and the sale of a townhouse. We had way too many things up in the air at the same time, which could've caused a lot of stress -- but Stacey was there for every question and every detail. She was fun to work with, and a source of wise counsel whenever we needed help. You won't go wrong with her advice -- we highly recommend her and will use her again if the need arises.

Jill Callahan Klaver

We first met Stacey several months ago when she was hosting an open house. She did such an outstanding job in representing the seller that we knew only Stacey could represent us when we were ready to buy a home in the Green Valley area. We are so grateful that Stacey represented us as she made the home buying process so enjoyable and stress free. Stacey was with us every step of the way, even though this was taking place during the Christmas Holidays. She always made herself available to fit our schedule, shuttling us to viewings, coordinating inspections, familiarizing us with the Green Valley area, and even taking us to our closing with the Title Company. We definitely recommend Stacey Bell for all of your real estate needs.

Karl and Jody Koch

Stacey was thorough and very professional

Allyson Felsher

Stacey Bell was one of the best real estate agents I have ever worked with. She always answered messages asap and if she didn't know the answer would find it. She was very helpful in all stages of finding a new home.

Maureen Smeder

We could not have hoped for a more cordial, helpful, patient, knowledgeable, professional realtor than Stacey. From the beginning of our home search through closing, and even after, she was immediately on top of every detail. Her attention to us was as if we were her only focus. She made our home search and purchase stress free. We consider her our “best new friend” and even after being settled in our new home we do not hesitate to call her with questions about the community, etc. Obviously, we highly recommend Stacey and she will be our “go to gal” for any future real estate service.

Pat and Patty Lynch

My agent was Stacey Bell. Stacey was professional, easy to work with and was able to guide me through the home buying process. My new house is in Arizona and other than initially looking for and bidding on a house everything else was done while I was in Buffalo, NY. I couldn’t have picked a better real estate company than Long Realty, and its best agent, Stacey Bell Allan Tjaden

Allan Tjaden

I was so impressed with Stacey (and the process and the company). This was the best experience buying a house I have ever had. Stacey would help me check details of a place and offer suggestions, she had many resources (like a reliable handyman) and scheduled things for me, and was never pushy just very helpful. I felt comfortable that she was truly trying to help me find a home and not just make a sale. She is full of energy, always on time, responds quickly to communications, is personable and positive. I will definitely recommend her to others!

Debbie Bedford

This is our 4th...wait 5th time working with Stacey Bell. First she sold 2 homes is record time. She helped us find and purchase our current home and now we are proud land owners. Her dedication to the profession, her knowledge of real estate and her commitment to exceptional customer service sets her apart from any Agent we have ever met. She is our go to with all of our Real Estate needs.

Mary M

I can't really give an honest assessment of Long Realty. My agent, Stacey Bell went above and beyond any and all expectations. I can't say enough good things about how she took care of me and all my needs. I would highly recommend her to anyone that will listen.

Mark Bond

This lady went way above what was required to make sure every question or concern was answered and if she did not have an answer immediately she obtained the answer as soon as possible. We fully trust her with every aspect of the purchasing phase and being from out of state that meant everything to us. We strongly encourage anyone wishing to purchase or sell to have Stacy at your side. The other outstanding quality that she gives is her friendship. We would give her 10 stars if that were possible. Thank-you Stacy.

Ken and Joyce

Caring & professional

Tom + Sandy. Kamoske

Stacey has now done a purchase and a sale for us. She is personable, knowledgeable, creative and hard working. Her success is no surprise to those of us that know her and have worked with her.

Kenneth & Shelia Frahm