Sno - 4 any season

Welcome, buenos dias and Moin, Moin!

If you don’t mind, I would like to introduce myself to you by sharing a little bit of my life with you, so you have a slight idea of who I am.

Born and raised in a small Northern coastal town in Germany, I quarreled a lot with my three year younger sister to the sheer despair of my mother. That pretty much lasted until I moved out. After completion of my vocational office training, I had it with the small town living and moved to Munich. Here I worked 20 years for the German Government, which included a four year posting at the German Embassy in Ottawa, Canada. Man, the winters were brutally cold and long!!! But oh the people. So kind and warm-hearted just wonderful in spirit. Unavoidably, I fell in love with the North American species.

The brutal Canadian winter is to blame for my relocation to the Arizona desert. Hot, hot, hot. Since 2010, I have been living and melting in the Sahuarita/Green Valley area. At that time, I got my first exposure to Real Estate and was wondering if I ….. of course not! Lack of English vocabulary
and only two years of ‘American Life Experience’ I could only leave that dream in my rear view mirror. Move on Snoqualmie and work on it.

And I did. Working in Green Valley for many years as an insurance agent and in other customer service related businesses brought me up to speed. On knowledge, language and the American life.

If I would tell you that I literally enjoyed every prior work experience I had, would you believe me? I don’t blame you if you don’t. But, I did. The reason, I figure, is because I really do like to work and I have a positive attitude. These two traits keep me out of trouble. When I am not working or studying I like to be physically active by hiking, walking and dancing but I too enjoy a good book, traveling, writing letters and drinking coffee. Although, the last one is mainly reduced to the mornings.

When I get the craving for a new target, I determinedly strive for and accomplish it, so they say, the people who know me. Well, that is probably not always true. But when I accomplished it, I followed a strategy and worked for it. My professional skills, diligent work, learning, transforming, determination and patience helped me to achieve those goals and dreams, which includes managing two smooth moves between countries. (And yes, I also moved on from my alien status. I am very proud to announce that since 2016, I am an American citizen!!) For all of this and much more, I am extremely grateful!

Now I would like to put my determination and skills to work for you and assist you to reach your home goal. Having walked in the shoes of a seller and buyer myself, I have a good idea of what you expect. Please find on the bottom my expectation list for you and see if it matches yours.

If you should find yourself in a position of transitioning.…..finding a home..….or letting it go…..
you would make me very happy to be your chosen one.
Allow me to guide you and help you until the job is done.


Snoqualmie ‘Sno’ Birganiel

Expect from Snoqualmie
~ Guidance from A to Z
~ Identifying the best price for Your unique situation
~ No question asked is too trivial
~ Extremely responsible
~ Utmost confidentiality indefinitely
~ Always on top of things
~ Undivided attention
~ Respond promptly to You and all involved parties
~ You have my loyalty and You are my priority
~ Staging suggestions and support
~ Polished photo representation of Your home
~ Holding open house if You wish
~ Diplomatic negotiation skills
~ Helping You say goodbye more easily
~ Change the location of Your dream home…...that I can’t do for you :(

  • Green Valley

  • 275 W Continental Rd. #101
  • Green Valley, Arizona
  • 85622