I didn't choose real estate as a career—it chose me. Back in 1999, I had been working as a divorce mediator in Illinois and moved to Tucson on a whim without a job in mind. My REALTOR®, who worked for the Long Realty Foothills office, learned of my background in people-oriented service and connected me with their manager at the time. They were hiring, I was in need, and the stars aligned! I eagerly began my new position in management, and although I had done site sales in Illinois for a brief period, I quickly fell in love with the intricacies of working for Long Realty.

I spend a lot of my day cheering my agents on, whether it's helping them resolve difficult situations or dealing with ornery agents on the other side of a real estate deal. I find that much of the sales process is grounded in connecting with clients and understanding their needs. Learning how to listen is crucial! I genuinely care about my agents and their lives, partners, kids, and pets.

Outside of work, I love to read, play with my pups, and enjoy my pool and garden. I've always thought of the home as a retreat, even before I moved to Tucson. I grew up in one of those idyllic Chicago suburbs where I could walk downtown to our local movie theatre and candy store, ride my bike to work, and trudge through four feet of snow in the winter on my way to school. I stayed in Illinois long enough to get my bachelor's and master's degrees in psychology/sociology/counseling, and didn’t leave until winter finally reared its ugly head one time too many. Now I've been a Tucson resident for nearly twenty years.

There are so many things to love about this city: the beauty of the mountains and sunsets, seeing hummingbirds flit about year-round, never having to wear stockings or shoes again thanks to the temperate weather...the list goes on. I feel fortunate to live in a place where wildlife and laid-back people can coexist in harmony. I feel even more fortunate knowing that my work can help someone begin their own journey in the incredible place I call home.