As a REALTOR®, my clients are at the heart of everything I do. Without them, I'd be nowhere. Tailoring my approach to every client's wants, needs, and dreams may not be the path of least resistance, but I know that it's the best possible way to serve them. Sellers who want sincerity and an above-and-beyond experience can trust that I will bring them the best price for their home; buyers can count on my expertise to help them find and purchase the perfect property, whether their goal is to make memories with their family or bolster their personal wealth.

I worked for large corporations for over thirty-six years. While I found it rewarding, I knew I wanted to have a more tangible impact on people's lives. After the economic upheaval, I saw a need to shield buyers and sellers in our community from the challenges inherent to real estate. I truly believe in our Code of Ethics and the work AAR does to protect the consumer. If there's one nugget of wisdom I've gleaned from the years I've spent in this business, it's to never take anything personally—I own up to my mistakes, and I am always accountable to those I serve, period. Every successful sale is an accomplishment because each transaction is so different. Seeing the relief in a client's face when we finalize a sale is one of my favorite feelings in the world.

I was born in Tucson and raised in a small mountain town near the Old Pueblo. My roots are planted firmly in Sonoran Desert soil. I attended the University of Arizona for six years before a career in pharmaceuticals and informatics took me on an adventure through Europe, Australia and South America. I returned out of love for this city's people and lifestyle. There's an easy, laid-back sense of hospitality here, with a touch a self-deprecating humor that is so typical of Tucson's many settlers throughout the ages. We're a hardy bunch, able to survive the weather and desert fauna, almost like the sahuaros that dot our lush landscape—tough on the outside, but with a soft center.

While I don't feel I really have time to...well, pass the time, I do enjoy flying planes, cooking, walking on the beach, yoga, traveling, and spending time with my loved ones. I also volunteer with a few organizations with the aim of helping needy children and seniors. But rather than boast about my own accomplishments, I'd rather get to know you and share stories of the people I've been lucky enough to meet through this profession. Please let me know how I can assist you today!

Client Reviews

My agent was incredible. She had sound advice for what we were looking for and helped us in making the right choice for a home. She was persistent with the lender and made sure that the deadlines were met.

David F

Melani Ruiz-Pyland is a well above average agent. She was professional and attentive from the very beginning. I will go to her and Long realty with my next home purchase!

Timothy M