As my husband and I finished construction on our own home, I remember having an overpowering feeling of accomplishment and a sense that "This is home!" As a real estate professional, I enjoy when my clients walk into their new home and feel the same thing, as they experience that "Wow!" moment of homeownership. I know the reward of a job well done when I am able to witness my buyers and sellers own satisfaction in achieving their unique real estate goals.

I grew up in a ranching family and understand the qualities of persistence, problem solving and hard work. These qualities have stood the test of time and provided me with the platform upon which I act to serve others in this business. Plus, my friends and clients often describe me as honest, fair, inspirational, skillful and courageous.

If you are thinking of selling the old homestead or making a move to the amazing Tubac, Rio Rico, Amado and Nogales areas, then you should look for someone who really knows the territory. You should be looking for me. Call or text today, and let's experience that "Wow!" feeling of accomplishment together.

This office is independently owned and operated.