Sometimes, you spend years and years working a comfortable job, only to one day have an epiphany that your heart lies elsewhere. For me, that realization came after fourteen years of work in the credit union industry, when I discovered that my heart and mind were drawn to the people-oriented world of real estate.

Still, the time I spent at my previous career was a valuable experience, bestowing upon me a wealth of professional skills that serve me well in real estate. Not only am I an old hand at providing excellent customer service, but I am also fully capable of maintaining the confidentiality of sensitive information and ensuring the accuracy of important legal paperwork. My clients, however, always come first and foremost. Always. Interpersonal relationships are at the heart of everything I do, and I approach every transaction with an open mind and kindness in my heart. It's always worth it, too—what could be more rewarding than helping someone find their forever home?

I'm a Tucson native, born and raised. Nothing beats being surrounded by the mountains, breathing in that amazing smell just before one of our summer monsoons. When I'm not outside enjoying the beautiful weather here, you'll often find me gardening, cooking, and spending time with my beautiful grandchildren. Tucson is a wonderful place to live, no matter how big or small your family, and I'm confident that I can help find you a property here that matches your unique needs.

As your REALTOR®, I promise to always put your feelings first. I look forward to meeting you and finding out how I help you buy or sell your next home in Southern Arizona.