Just a little background!

I was born in Alaska to a fisherman and his wife before Alaska became a state. Boy, do I feel old now. I am their fifth child of nine. As the middle child, I’m familiar to settling problems. I am an Eyak Indian & My mother was the Chief of our tribe. Chief Marie Smith-Jones. I make several trips a year to Alaska to attend tribal functions or ceremonies. My brother is currently the chief of our tribe.

I have been married to a very wonderful man for 25+ years and have three fantastic children. I think I understand commitment and hard work.

We moved to Tucson 21+ years ago to give our children a chance to go to a great university. Also, I couldn’t handle the cold any longer and my husband would not allow us to move any further south.

I love to teach quilting and do many other varieties of crafting. Pine needle basket making, card making & Indian beadwork is a new fascination right now. It’s hard to keep me out of the kitchen when I find a new recipe too.

I am a cancer survivor!
Some clients remember when my hair was really short!

And… No, I am not related to “The General” General Westmoreland took command in Vietnam in June 1964

What About Real Estate?

I have been involved in selling real estate since 2006. I keep up on current real estate issues by attending at least two training classes a month. I start work about 7:00 am each day. I usually work six and a half days a week. I am available via cell phone (520) 490-4316, or email: JoWest52@gmail.com. All emails sent to this email address are sent directly to my cell phone. This way I can get mail from you anywhere I go. If I am unavailable at the time you call please leave a message and I will get back with you right away. My fax (520) 989-6157 comes directly to me on my phone as well & no cover sheet is required. In other words... I'm available to you!

What I do for my clients...
Buyers - I can set up a home search for you that will send you properties that match your particular criteria. You will receive listings as they become available that fit your criteria. When you see a home you may want to take closer look at I will schedule a viewing. When we find the property you would like to purchase I will get you through the whole process. In my opinion, this is where I work the hardest for you. I work very hard to keep you informed & keept the process going through close of escrow. I will be with you each step of the way!

If you need, I can put you in touch with lenders to get you pre-qualified for the home of your dreams. There are contracts, counter-offers, addendums, disclosures, inspections, escrow departments, lenders, and much more that I walk you through to closing.

Sellers - After the initial “listing” I market your home heavily. The first 30 days are crucial. I like to start with letters, postcards, and open houses. I have an office tour of the property , contact existing buyers, talk to my friends, family, clients and other agents too. I’ll create a customized flyer for the property and take several pictures to enter on the internet listing. I market my properties on Realtor.com. I can put your property as my “featured Listing” to increase visibility. I follow-up with agents that have shown the property and I screen potential buyers. I love the contract process! I will negotiate hard to get the best price possible. Once you are under contract to transfer title I will follow the process closely. Keeping you informed is very important to me. As you may know, my business is based on referrals.


Client Reviews

Jo Anna was absolutely amazing and I would recommend her to anyone buying or selling a home. I will be using her for all my future real estate needs. Thank you for everything.

John T. Lawson

My agent was honest, informative, and promptly responsive. This was my first home purchase, and my agent was very patient with me. I’ve honestly always felt like JoAnna was always on my side looking out for my best interests.

Artyom Abramyan