Jason Weaver joins the Long Realty Marketing team, and will be helping the company with the creation and implementation of various marketing programs.

Jason has always been drawn to brands that speak to his soul, and wants to continue to learn new ways to better deliver their story.

Jason is also currently an MBA candidate at University of Arizona with a focus on marketing. He looks forward to incorporating his media, journalism, and business experience within the real estate industry.

Jason has also received his undergraduate degree from the University of Arizona in Film & Television Producing, with a minor in General Business Administration. Since then, Jason has worked both in Los Angeles and Tucson at various media companies. He has interned at Universal Pictures, managed a team at a camera technology company, worked on-set for feature films, and worked for an ABC news affiliate in Tucson, Arizona.

You can find Jason in most coffee shops around town, right now Cartel Coffee Lab on Campbell is his favorite.

If you have any questions, or just want to know where to find the best coffee, feel free to reach out to him!