As an attorney, I worked hard for my clients to shepherd them through challenging times. This invaluable experience taught me expert negotiation skills and the value in providing a service that will enhance the lives of others. I was even named Boss of the Year by my staff in Bend, Oregon where I practiced law.

I’ve always been in love with the charm of Tucson – the beauty of the desert and the unique architecture. I first moved to Tucson in 2004 but left in 2011 to return to Oregon and continue practicing law.

While I enjoyed helping others and the skills gained from law, I found myself searching for something else and that search brought me to the friendly skies. I had a short transitional career as a flight attendant from 2014 to 2016. I was again drawn to the career because of its service aspects. I’ve always had a sincere interest in the people that I come into contact with.

Despite all my travels in the sky, I kept thinking of the lovely Old Pueblo. Tucson’s beautiful homes and architecture stuck with me. Tucson is diverse and unique like no other city. I love the people who are warm and friendly and without pretense. Then I thought, “What better way to help enhance the lives of others than helping others find their home in Tucson?” So, in October of 2017 I moved back to Tucson to attend real estate school.

The skills that served me well as an attorney continue to help my clients through successful real estate transactions: excellent communication, skilled negotiation, and considerate listening skills. I understand that the real estate process is full of questions and concerns. My genuine interest in people compels me to be ever present and responsive to help ease any anxieties clients may have. Always professional, I thoroughly research the issues and always come prepared.

When I’m not working, I enjoy an active life of hiking, biking, dancing or working out. My down time is typically spent with friends and family or relaxing with a good book or movie.

I bring a warm and friendly attitude to real estate with one goal: help enhance the lives of my clients. If I can help you with any of your real estate needs, call me.

Client Reviews

Janine takes a sincere interest in those she comes into contact with, asking the right questions and most importantly, listening. When Janine asks "how are you?" it's not just an empty greeting. She really wants to know. Her skill set ensures you'll find the right house. Her background is extensive. With experience as a stockbroker and a family attorney, Janine understands the fine print and the art of negotiating, all without compromising honesty. Want to sell? Janine knows how to show your house, with experience with her own renovations.And finally, her experience as s flight attendant is a tribute to her warmth and willingness to please. Just ask her passengers!

Michael Braham

We are very happy in our new home and feel very secure about all the hundreds of details that comprise a real estate transaction being handled efficiently and completely. Not only was Janine very delightful to work with, she was a tiger when it came to all the legal aspects of our purchase. It was a distinct advantage having an attorney and real estate agent rolled into one. Janine went above and beyond in every aspect of our purchase.

Steve and Joey Stephens

We couldn't have been happier with Janine Curtis and how she took care of us and stuck with us through out the process. It took five visits to Tucson in the past year for us to find the perfect home and Janine hung in there and didn't give up on us and we are forever grateful to her for that! If I ever had to buy another home, the first call that I would make would be to Janine! :)

Kevin May

Janine was recommended to me. She has an amazing spirit of wanting to do more and all she can to help ensure that her client does not just get an accurate, legal document, but actually enjoys the process. Her vibrant, can do, "whatever it takes" passion is why I'd absolutely choose her to buy or sell my home. She's the kind of person I just wanted to be around more than just for a transaction but as someone you'd like to be your friend. Her infectious warm, caring disposition and her integrity are the kind of behaviors you long for in both business transactions and a friendship. I understand why she's successful in real estate because no one could care more or sacrifice more, than Janine to make a customer completely thrilled with the results.

Julie Ward