I'm originally from Chicago and relocated here to enjoy the sun, the scenery and the less hectic lifestyle. I spent many years in software sales, which involved frequent travel and negotiating complex, multi-million dollar transactions with Fortune 1000 clients. The best transaction in any industry, real estate included, is one where the buyer and seller both walk away satisfied. Timely and accurate communication is essential. As a client of mine, I will always advocate on your behalf and keep you informed. Personally, I am an avid golfer and enjoy getting out on the course with my clients.

Client Reviews

I have known Dennis since 1992 and have always admired his ability to understand his products and skillful sales talent. Dennis is a delightful person to work with not only for his sales abilities but also his wit and charm. He is a hard worker and knows how to treat his customers as the number one priority.

Bill M

Dennis worked for me as a Regional Sales Manager at ShopperTrak and was consistently one of the top producers on our team. Dennis would work hard to understand the product and service offeing and was able to quickly and effectively present the value from "the customer's perspective".Dennis was a very effective hunter who could open doors and get in front of the decision maker. He was very comfortable at selling in a colaborative fashion and would always bring the necesary resources to a sales situation to deliver the correct solution for the customer while helping to ensure the company's success. 

Tad S

Dennis is a highly focused sales professional with the ability to mine and develop high end opportunities. In executing, he has a unique skill in quickly determining the viability of a business prospect, and managing sucessful strategies to bring in high quality business.

John S

Working with Dennis is an absolute pleasure. He has incredible sales focus and discipline and is able to execute on large deals as well as anyone I have ever worked with. He understand customer needs and works incredibly hard to make sure those needs are being met by the entire organization. He is well respected by customers and colleagues alike and as anyone who has worked closely with Dennis knows, he's always the funniest guy in the room.

Bridget J