As a resident of Tucson for over fourteen years—with roots in Yuma, meaning I'm no stranger to life in the Southwest—I've accumulated a wealth of knowledge on this city's inner workings. But my intimate familiarity with Tucson's businesses, restaurants, and entertainment venues is only one part of my value to potential clients. I lead a dual life as a REALTOR® and as a police officer, serving our community on two fronts by helping families find homes where they can make lasting memories, all the while keeping our neighborhoods safe and crime-free.

After going back to Northern Arizona University to earn my Bachelor's degree in Criminology (working midnights as an officer all the while), I became increasingly engaged in community outreach as my career in law enforcement developed. I started to see avenues where I could put my professional experience to work and serve the people of my city in yet another way: by helping them create lasting memories both outside and inside the home.

As a family man with two sons, I took an early interest in real estate when I first approached the home buying process as a client; later, that experience helped me capture and distill safety techniques learned through my training as a police officer into valuable guidance for would-be homeowners. I teach my clients how to find the right home, make it theirs, and prevent it from being targeted by crime. Of course, my priority is for my client relationships to be both productive and exciting—to maximize the joy of homeownership while minimizing the stress that can come along with it. In short, it all boils down to communicative, courteous, and professional service for every client, every time.

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my family, reading, keeping up with the Chicago Bears, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Coffee is one of my greatest passions! I have attended workshops through the Specialty Coffee Association of America to learn more about the roasting process, and love few things more than striking up a good conversation over a delicious cup of joe. Someday, I'd like to own a coffee shop so I can share the joy of coffee with even more of my community.

Choosing me to serve as your REALTOR® nets you a competent, hardworking professional with a multifaceted skill set and strong Christian values. I hope you will see fit to get in touch with me about how I can help your family settle into the perfect Tucson home.