Hello. My name is Damion Alexander. I’m on a journey and will be sharing it on this page. I’m hoping to inform, entertain, motivate, and enrich those who choose to read this. Hopefully, this will be interactive and will help bring our community together.

Client Reviews

I have known Damion since birth.He has a very memorable personality. In fact, I don’t think I will ever be able to forget the first time I saw him. From the very start I was impressed by his promptness. Once he knew the correct course, he wasted no time in arriving. His punctuality has continued to this day.From the beginning of our relationship Damion was always able to express himself and make his needs known. He was originally more comfortable with subtle types of communication such as facial of body gestures, but in time learned to be more verbal.Damion eventually became the most charming conversationalist who can be consistently counted upon for opinion and insight into any situation. Some of the consistent qualities I have observed in Damion include : ethics beyond reproach, a true sense of values, concern for global issues and commitment to his word.I can honestly say that I can count on having a close relationship with Damion Alexander for th rest of my life.

Damion's M

This overdue letter is to thank you for helping us find and settle comfortably into our Tucson home. Ed and I realize that we really surprised and challenged you when we informed you on a Friday afternoon of our desire to find a house by Sunday morning. It was very impressive that you really listened closely to our extensive lists of needs and wants (and, don’t wants) and developed in one evening a tour book of very viable prospects for us to view the next day. It was wonderful to return to Texas and California on Sunday with a contract already in the works! In addition to your professionalism, we also appreciate your sense of humor and your good neighbor attitude – your suggestions of where we might obtain various services in Tucson were and continue to be very helpful. Your periodic check up on phone calls are appreciated, too.

Cindy a

This is just a belated "thank you" for all you did for me in both the purchase of my new home and the sale of my townhome. I'm so indebted to you for going the extra mile for me when my knee bummed out and I couldn't finish cleaning and prepping the town home. How many realtors would rake your yard and spiff up the flower beds?You are truly one in a million. It was FUN house hunting with you and it was a pleasure to plow through the paperwork with you- definitely not my favorite part.I’m happy as a clam in my new place and, as I think back, there were times when I was ready to settle for something and you said it didn’t have enough of what I wanted and you were right. You were patient a with me and pushed me to stick with it, and together, we found my “home sweet home”.Best to you I’ll keep your card in case I run into someone who needs a super Realtor.

Karen T

Many, many Thanks for the Professional and caring way you handled the transaction of the sale of our Sunrise Ridge Townhome. It was the smoothest closing we have ever been through thanks to your forethought and careful planning.In addition, thank you for the friendship you extended to us and the loyalty you showed through times of non-activity in the process. Your tips for changes we needed to make and your steadfast dedication to advertising are what got the house sold in timely a manner.  

Gerrie a

You sold our home in four days, for full price, and you were able to negotiate for us to maintain occupancy for three months until our new home was completed. You helped eliminate what could have been an extremely stressful situation and we’re really impressed!Your efforts to make sure we put our house in model shape prior to listing it really paid off. Having the fliers and other information in the house as soon as it was in MLS also made a big difference.We will definitely recommend you to our friends. If you ever want a referral, please ask prospective clients to give us a call.P.S. We love the photo of our little dog Lu that you put on the door asking people to take care not to let her out. What a nice touch.

Peggy J

My husband and I wish to express how pleased we are to have had Damion Alexander as our real estate agent. He was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Damion showed us a great deal of patience in our search and made finding a new home a pleasent endeavor. When it came time to negotiate our house, his expertise on procedure was invaluable. Damion saved us $30,000. Att he time of our home inspection, he pointed out several defects that both my husband and I never noticed. Because of his keen eye, the problems were taken care of immediately. At the closing, Damion once again came ot our aid by catching a serious error in our mortgage. We are very grateful to Damion and would not hesitite to recommend him as a top notch agent.

Joe a

Congratulations on your new baby girl.Thank you so much for the additional (after the sale) assistance you’ve given me with our home in Tucson. It’s hard to believe that it is been almost 4 years since we made the purchase. Living full-time in Ohio, we haven’t had the opportunity to visit as much as we’d hoped and consequently haven’t been able to look after the home regularly. It’s been comforting to know that you’ve been available and willing to look after the home regularly.  situations that have It’s been confronting to know that you’ve been available and willing to look after various situations that have needed attention in our absence. Anytime you might need a reference, don’t hesitate to have anyone call me. Healthy and Happy New Year to you and your family.

J.M. R

Congratulations on being named by the Arizona Daily Star 2011 40 under 40. What A great honor it is!Your accomplishments are very impressive, especially your efforts to contribute to improving Tucson and the Community.May you have much countinued success in all your endeavors. 

Senator S

While riding on Thunderbird near Cave Creek Rd in Phoenix, I had to pull out into the driving lane every 50 feet or so to avoid overgrown tree limbs. Max Morris commented that he was surprised that the city hadn't taken care of it. I said, "I guess Phoenix doesn't have a Damion Alexander!" Thank you for being an advocate and asset to our community!!

Rachel A

house hunting on bikes....does it get any better?

John S

Thanks Damion for doing the entire home buying process on bikes. From looking at the properties, the inspections and even riding to sign the final documents. The experience could not have been better.

Dan N

Purchased a home in 2014 with the assistance of the Damion Alexander Team. The entire process was quick, easy, and efficient. The bike rides involved were an added bonus! I highly recommend the Damion Alexander Team for your next home sale or purchase.Thanks guys!

Dan a

Damion is a class act and will help you through the entire arduous, at times overwhelming process of buying a home. Whether a new buyer or second time around, he will patiently go above and beyond to do WHATEVER it takes to put a smile on your face. He'll even show you homes from the seat of a  bicycle (Some really enjoy this unique experience). Either way, you won't be disappointed with his professionalism, character, integrity, and profound knowledge when it comes to real estate. You're going to love the way you live, I guarantee it.

A. N

Chris Garcia has been great to work with throughout the home buying process. He has kept me well informed and has narrowed down my options to a home that was perfect for me. He and his partner Damion Alexander really take customer service to the next level!

Fatemah D

Damion helped me buy my very first home, and sell it years later. Damion's knowledge of the Tucson area, what's selling, what's not, where to buy, where to avoid, etc., is fantastic. Damion's connected to the market deeply. In fact, Damion usually knows about homes that aren't even on the market  yet, giving you first dibbs on an awesome new home. If you need a realtor in Tucson, CALL DAMION! He turned out not just to be a great realtor, but a great friend as well. Don't be surprised if after you close on your new home you gained a life long friend as well. The one problem with Damion is that he's in Tucson. I'm looking for a home now in Phoenix, and I wish I had him here!

Scott H

Damion couldn't be more professional, enthusiastic or easier to work with. His excellent photography skills saved us time, and money, and we were very happy that we gave Damion the listing on our house.

Jane C

I purchased my first house from The Damion Alexander Team. I was aware of the team due to all they do in sponsoring local cycling events and advocating on behalf of the community. Both Damion and Chris were there every step of the way and made the complex simple. For me, with so much else going  on, was very important. What has been really awesome is that after I moved in and had questions like “where do I find my closing statement because I need it for taxes” that they were just as responsive. I should also mention that they have been persistent in offering to throw me a house warming party and the day I moved in the fridge was stocked with craft beer.

Andy S

Damion Alexander and Chris Garcia were truly some of the very best real estate professionals that we've ever worked with. We listed our house and received an offer after the first open house! The marketing including the beautiful pictures and printed materials was excellent and the personal service unsurpassed. We were not living in AZ at the time we listed and Chris staged our home, met contractors for repairs and even met my mover. We didn't have to come back until the week we moved! Truly exceptional in every way!

Brenda F

I originally wanted to use Damion because of his support for local community groups. However immediately after beginning the process I knew Damion and Chris Garcia were going to be nothing short of great. Working for us they made themselves available nearly around the clock. They were constantly  proactive from start to finish. My wife couldn't be happier. I really felt like they genuinely cared about our home buying, and ensuring that we were happy and fully informed every step of the way. I would recommend Damion Alexander and Chris Garcia without hesitation

Damon O

To Prospective Home Buyers, Damion Alexander is the sort of person who makes you want to move around a lot. His perceptive skill as a realtor, is congenial personality, and his dedication to his clients are unparalleled. He goes above and beyond his duties to ensure client satisfaction and well-being. For these reasons and many others, my husband and I heartily recommend Damion. We met Damion under less than ideal circumstances, we came to him as high-risk first time buyers in the midst of planning a wedding. Damion  unhesitatingly rose to the task of helping us: he got to know us as people, helped discern our needs and goals, offered sound advice from his extensive experience, and recommended several potential lenders, who he knew professionally and his business he trusted. We later discerned that all of his recommendation we’re top-notch. During the searching process, Damion met with us according to the needs of our chaotic schedules and took great pains to ensure that all of our questions and concerns were addressed. Thought our price range was quite low he made us feel like millionaires... He chauffeured us from site to site, treated us with respect, and generally made the whole search pleasant, if not downright fun! After our sale, he maintained correspondence with us to ensure satisfaction as well as see how our lives were progressing. His care about us as people is evident, and it is a pleasure hearing from him still today or coming home (as is often the case) to hear his cheerful voice on your answering machine, calling just to say hello. We almost wish we could move more often; if we did, we would certainly choose Damion is our Realtor each time, knowing he would be honest with us and sensitive to her economic needs and living hopes. We cannot offer enough endorsements very professional and personal skills, or for his endearing, genuine demeanor.

Brandon a

Damion and Chris are good fellas. They have great communication, are thorough, knowledgeable and caring. Buying and selling real estate can be a stressful thing and these guys both took the edge off and made the process go as smooth as possible.

Anthony Z

Damion helped my husband and I find and purchase our home in Tucson. This was our first time in the Tucson market and Damion helped us to navigate the options and neighborhoods. He was quick but not pushy. And he was a lot of fun to work with too! His partner Chris helped out with all of the  process after the offer and before the closing. It was seamless. Thanks Damion and Chris - we love our new place

Deb R

Damion couldn't be more professional, enthusiastic or easier to work with. His excellent photography skills saved us time, and money, and we were very happy that we gave Damion the listing on our house.

Jane C

Amazing knowledge and courtesy. Familiar with the area and it assets. Broad background in real estate. Dedicated community volunteer and advocate. Supports community activities thorough and detail oriented upbeat and positive.

Diadre M

As someone who is a realtor you know your community, contribute to its improvement both in lifestyle choices (cycling) and civic engagement, record its achievements and promote its reasonable and rational positive growth. So I guess you are ultimately a helper, in the best Mr. Roger's sense of the word.

Janelle B

You sir are an inspiration

Max M

Damion is a terrific realtor to work with. He reaponded quickly if ever I had a question or needed anything clairfied. His professionalism, honesty and knowledge were ever present through the entire process. I highly recommended him.

Heather W

Damion (and Chris) were extremely helpful for us in selling our home. First we met to discuss the house and the improvements that could be made and the resulting bump in price that could be achieved. They both followed along as I did the work and then were helpful when we were ready to list the  house. Always available by texting (better if you have two agents like this since one is likely at his phone). They have experience in negotiating and with selling so the many questions that popped up were easily discussed and decided on with little trouble. As a bonus Damion is a bike rider and a huge bicycle advocate in Tucson and it is always good to support people who volunteer for others (Chis likes other sports and activities and maybe will cycle sometime in the future)

Mike B

May I take a moment to advocate for an amazing advocate? I'm still catching up on shout-outs from the 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo ~ this one's for you, Damion! I bet you didn't even realize you were being watched.How do you describe the feeling you get when you're sitting alone on a boulder at the rock face at 3:15 a.m. waiting for your husband to roll through, and a young, badass female rider undoubtedly "in the zone" mistakenly took the fork in the trail leading her to the rock face. Surprised and flustered, she began to turn her bike around to ride the bypass. At that moment, a guy taking photos while dressed in a crazy costume {there were only five of us crazy enough to be there at that ungodly hour} dropped what he was doing, ran up the rock face, grabbed her bike in one hand and her arm in his other hand, and helped her down. This young lady, still somewhat flustered, kept apologizing stating she didn't realize she took that route. The costumed man just kept saying, "No, you're awesome! I've got you. You've got this. Finish it out!" She was awesome. And, so was he for that incredibly kind and helpful gesture. Damion Alexander, you're a fine gentleman and zebracorn.

Jalene H

I can't believe it took me so long to find the Dream Team here. I've worked with other realtors in different areas that were so nice and good I thought I was doing fine. But going from good experiences, I am floored at how absolutely great Chris and Damion are. They are detail oriented, helpful, honest, punctual, and very motivated. They advised us to take some extra time to fix up our homes before selling. It did take us time and money to put our best foot forward. But the result for us was that we had offers on both of our homes less then 72 hours after listing them. Both homes are on the way to closing, within 6 weeks of hitting the market. I fe so strongly that between the great advice, the amazing photography, and the excellent advocacy of this team, we got top dollar for our homes and quick sales as well. Plus, they are really nice guys.

Kate A

Damion knows the local market inside out. His dedication to the community, integrity and concern for others is exemplary. I wouldn't want to do business with anyone else.

Paul P

A strange obsession with people in Lycra, but Damion and Chris make home ownership happen!

Joshua S

Chris and Damion are great to work with! Transactions all went smoothly, online service was very helpful as I travel alot! We recommend them to friends and will definately use them again!

Sophie L

As usual you have AGAIN done a terrific and exceptional job regarding the valuation task at hand.It is always a pleasure to deal with a realtor who takes the time and makes the effort to research compsand who knows the Tucson market so well.Twenty years and counting for our association...and to continue.

Carole C

Damion was great!

David H

Damion was always very professional and helpful. I’ve been looking for quite some time and he was always very patient and accommodating. I highly recommend Damion for all your real estate needs.

Dominic C

It was a pleasure working with Damion and Long Realty. I will use him again when I buy.

Harold M

My agent was fantastic. He handled everything as I was out of town during the entire process. It could not have gone smoother. I always felt he had my best interest at heart at all time and I knew I could rely on his recommendations

Louise V

Damion alexander was a great agent to work with. Highly recommended, and i would work with him again.

Andrew S

My agent Damion handled it all. This was my second transaction in a span of one month. It was totally seamless and every detail was taken care of, with me out of town the entire time. He is truly a trusted advisor and I recommend him whole heartedly

Louise V

Damion Alexander’s support during this transaction was Superior in every way!

Craig & Deirdre King

Overall we loved our experience and were so pleased with Long Realty. My only feedback is that I wish we had been given a little more heads up about a few things, including the various people who would be contacting us, etc. For example we would get emails from people we had not met at Long Realty and would have to confirm that these were not in fact spam/phishing attempts.

Seth & Brittany Turner

Working with Damion was a great experience. He is a seasoned professional. He answered every phone call. Never had to leave a message. Damion was prompt and pays great attention to detail. We recommend Damion without hesitation.

Jon Stuart