I'm the REALTOR® for you because I have a track record of proven excellence. I started my career in urban development, and then went on to work in FHA/HUD for seven years before becoming a REALTOR®. I now have forty years of experience in real estate, including work in income property and mortgage banking, with the past twelve years in residential real estate. I am proud to use that expertise in service of my clients, because I am passionate about ensuring that all Americans have a good home.

I listen to my clients closely to understand their unique needs, and do my utmost to coordinate the moving process so that they spend minimal time in temporary lodging during the transition period. My background in law informs my ability to navigate complex legal documentation, while my experience in banking allows me to flex strategic thinking skills to negotiate the best prices. I strive to be witty, kind, and honest; I want to be a person that my clients can rely on, both as a professional and as a friend who genuinely cares about their well-being.

Outside of work, you'll find me hiking the beautiful Sonoran desert, birdwatching, or settling into a good book with my dogs curled up at my feet. (I used to manage retail bookstores, so I was exposed to a lot of fantastic material—ask me for recommendations!) Incidentally, my other passion is dog rescue, specifically Shiba Inus; I'm the only person in Southern Arizona who rescues the breed.

I like to think that my credentials speak for themselves, but I'm fortunate to have received gracious testimonials from clients over the years. Here are but a few:

"Cynthia is a completely competent professional. She is very knowledgeable about all of the details of a Real Estate transaction and is fastidious in her dedication to getting the job done correctly." - Jack H.

"Cynthia was very supportive and patient and helped us through some frustrating moments. She was always prompt and courteous in returning our phone calls and e-mails. Her wealth of knowledge regarding Real Estate and the legalities of such is outstanding." - Francine S.

"To call Cynthia a pro would be a vast understatement." - Judy B.

"Without her [buying a house] would never have happened, period!" - Peter B.

Real estate is about people, and that's why I love it. If you allow me the pleasure of handling your next real estate transaction, I promise you won't regret it!

Client Reviews

Our realtor Cynthia Williams, who I found on line when all of a sudden I decided I might want to have a cute Santa Fe style house in Tucson. I was weary of Las Vegas and going back to NYC not affordable. My husband agreed so she sent us some houses to view on line and then we made a trip to look at them. She went so amazingly ABOVE AND BEYOND and showed us all around the city including Saguaro National Park and downtown. At the end of a week of non-stop hunting, we found a house that we are going to love and it will be our last and forever home. Cynthia, our lender Karen, Ronda and Isabel (not from Long but different realty organizations) all contributed to the effort to help us get this home. It wasn't easy but we did it. We want to thank everyone for their part but Cynthia gets the highest of Kudos for making us really want to live here and offering valuable advice all along the way. I bugged her with countless questions, fears and anxiety but she tolerated me and was always patient. She is a rockstar!!! Thank you Long Realty. Pamela Hart

John &

We bought our condo with Cynthia Williams a few years ago. Since then, she has become a friend, so when we were looking for a house, we called Cynthia. She guided the transaction from beginning to end, and since we are not local, made sure that the inspections and walk-through were done. She advocates for her clients, and navigates the complexities of the financing process effortlessly.

Henry &

Thank you! Cynthia Williams did a great job! She was dependable, knowledgeable and always positive!

Michael &

Cynthia Williams went above and beyond to find nd us the perfect home. She’s the best. I would recommend her every time.

Lori B

Cynthia Williams went well out of her way to help me with the search and the purchase, and I very much appreciate her efforts.

John Ryder