• Green Valley

  • 275 W Continental Rd. #101
  • Green Valley, Arizona
  • 85622

Client Reviews

Carol Yarborough was very helpful in every aspect of this sale. Even though this was not a high end property, I felt she gave it the same attention as others. She was very thorough in explaining all the paperwork and procedures and kept me updated through out.

Jill H

Every thing done well quick fast and in a hurry what more can you ask for

Irving &

I had never bought or sold a house before, and our realtor took this into account throughout the entire process. She listened carefully to my sister and me, appreciated the history of and our personal hopes for our late parents' house and alerted us to the various stages we could expect. Not to be slighted, our realtor has a sense of humor -- a gift in such a business that deals with so much at stake. It provided perspective and relief many times. Also, our realtor's long acquaintance with Green Valley and its growth is invaluable. Carol Yarborough is my Realtor of Choice now and in the future; recommendations are assured! Judith Whipple

Judith B

Easy to do business with and excellent results.

Fred &

Sorry this took so long, but we just got onto the internet..............Carol Yarbrough was wonderful. She was very professional and answered all our questions. We would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone selling their home. Ann and Bill McGuire

William & Ann McGuire