In 2005 I made a frantic phone call to my son, sales-person extraordinaire, for advice. I'd just passed my Real Estate License exam and was worried about being in sales.

He made it really clear. "You're not selling anything Mom, you're providing customer service."

Oh my gosh did that turn the lights on me. Whether I'd been a school secretary, coach, pastoral assistant - helping others has always brought me the most happiness. Supporting home buyers and home sellers while helping them find the answers that lead them closer to their life goals has made all the difference in a real estate career.

But...what about YOU??? How can I help you? Are you looking for homes for sale: relocating, buying your first time home, looking for something larger for you and your family, or perhaps retiring or just moving and need to sell? Buying? Call me to join in the HUNT! There's no better feeling than matching a buyer with their dream home, or shaking hands after another successful home sale. I also really enjoy working with investors who like to transform and flip.

As a current Associate Broker with Long Realty, I love Real Estate! I awake each morning with intention and direction, the commitment to find the answers my clients need quickly and efficiently, and the discipline it takes to orchestrate the many details of a real estate transaction.

Whatever your real estate needs - buying, selling, or just wanting to know MORE - let's talk. It's my passion...I'm happy to chat. :)

Client Reviews

Cara was my mentor agent when I came to Long Realty. Her guidance and education set me up for success. I learned many skills from her and the ones that stand out to me the most are Cara's incredible client experience and her intense attention to detail. Cara's large number of repeat clients are a testimonial to the service she has delivered over the years!

Chip M

Cara is an outstanding real estate agent and an even better person. Her work ethic and bright personality make her a pleasure to work with. I wouldn't hesitate for a moment to refer her to anyone that I know. David

David W

I have worked with Cara for the last 5 years. She is the most trustworthy and kind person I have ever met. She goes over and above for her clients. I have watched her interact with clients when they come in the office and you would think they are her friends, that is how well liked she is. Not only does she help clients, she helps other agents in the office as well, especially new agents that are just starting out. She has become a role model in out office because of her kindness and positive attitude. You would be doing yourself a favor if you have her as your real estate agent, you can't go wrong.

doris s

Cara was excellent on every level. She is very professional to work with as well as adding her own personal touch. I felt confident that my house would sell based on the tips Cara gave me as preparing the house to go on the market. She kept me posted on all aspects of the sale and we closed in just one month from the time we listed. I am very grateful for Cara's expertise.

Laura H

My wife and I lucked into Cara as a realtor 5 years ago when searching for our first home together. She was attentive and patient with our extremely picky tastes, and helped us find a great home for us where we started our family and created many memories. A few life events and years later, it was time to sell that same home (from a good distance away, we lived in OK at the time) and there was no doubt we were calling Cara. She managed the sale from top to bottom, handled the ups and downs (retracted offers, inspections, repairs) with professional aplomb and went the extra mile when needed to get the house sold at a great price. She communicated every step of the way, kept on top of things, advocated for us with buyers, and made the whole process as seamless as it could be. I've been through several real estate transactions with several agents in the past few years, and Cara is as good as they come.

Justin B

I am writing to say that working with Cara Mancuso, was a total pleasure. Being 2000 miles away can make home buying a real challenge, but she removed much of that challenge. She focused on what we wanted, and made sure the internet provided as much in the way of information and photos of various home that would be fore sale. When we arrived in Arizona to start looking in person we had our choices narrowed down dramatically, and we had found and made an offer on our dream home in just one day of looking in person. She was professional, but fun. Cara also made settlement easy. She made sure we were getting all that we needed and paid for. She also made sure nothing was thrown into the mix that we didn't need or want. If or when we ever need real estate agent assistance, there will be only one call to make. That would be to Cara's phone.

Grant a

Cara is fantastic! She is engaging with her clients, is always there to meet their needs, and has an incredibly high ethical standard. Cara produced results very quickly for me - you definitely want her on your side.

Gary I

I am so happy we used Cara in the purchase of our first home. The sellers agent was not very communicative and Cara made sure to continuously follow up with them and provide us updates. Cara worked day and night to make sure we were able to buy our home and faster than we could have dreamed We were treated with respect and kindness that nobody else had shown us. Cara is am amazing real estate agent and because of her, we were able to purchase our wonderful home in an amazing neighborhood!

Meagan M

I am very pleased that I worked with Cara on my home sale. I sought out Cara because she had helped another client sell a townhouse within my same complex for a much higher place than the norm. My experience was the same. We were able to sell my townhome, and for about 2 months mine was the highest-selling unit in the complex with townhomes of like-floorplans. The one that currently holds that status was listed at the same time as mine and took two more months to sell - and it only sold at an increase of 0.4%. I sold my home remotely as I was out-of-state, and Cara did an excellent job filling in for me. My furnace needed maintenance and I needed carpets cleaned, and i was coordinating with the local utilities to get gas/water/electricity turned on. She was able to coordinate with the service techs that I hired to let them in and to lock up after they were done. Cara advised me to re-paint the house and to do some minor cosmetic touch-ups. As a result, my house looked move-in ready, and we received an offer the first day it was on the market. I did have trouble with the language and billing on closing day, but that was a problem with the title company. I wanted to see the closing documents beforehand so that I could understand all expenses, but had to review them on closing day. I relayed my interest in seeing the closing costs beforehand to Cara, but that did not work. If there is any room for improvement, I would say that we could've been tougher on the title agent to get the closing costs beforehand. Overall, I am pleased with my home selling experience and Cara helped ameliorate the situation.


Cara Mancuso is the best Realtor we have ever worked with. She is knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. We gave her our criteria and from past conversations, and she knew exactly what we were looking for. Cara was always available and had time for us, whenever we needed her. We have worked with Cara prior to her association with Long Realty, and she will be the only realtor we deal with in the Tucson area.

James &

I have had the pleasure of working with Cara for the last 5 years. Her professionalism is outstanding and her customer service unparalleled.

Betty C

Will and have recommended Cara.

Oscar &

Cara Mancuso is awesome. Professionalism with a smile

Kevin K

I can’t say enough good things about Cara. She is knowledgeable, approachable, personable, endlessly patient, and incredibly generous with her time. She answered every question and explained every form and every part of the process clearly and thoroughly. Selling a house it's challenging at times, but working with Cara it was painless and straightforward as possible. My house was staged very well, amazing professional pictures were taken and the listing looked really nice and appealing. I highly recommend Cara Mancuso.

Roberto F

Cara Mancuso is a master realtor. I felt I was always in the best hands, which eased my transition to Tucson. I am already referring her to other friends who are considering the desert as a new home. Thank you Cara!!

Victoria V

I could not have asked for a better agent to assist in selling my home. She was easy to communicate with and I, 100%, always felt she was fighting for what was best for me and not just closing the deal. I highly recommend her!

Ashley Stough Weiss

It is hard for me to write a clinical appraisal of Cara Mancuso as a realtor. She is so much more. From the very first contact, almost 10 years ago, when she came to dinner at our RV on Pantano Road and we discussed food (I served chicken) I felt she was approachable. As newcomers to Tucson, we could ask her about neighborhoods, about shopping, about dog friendly neighborhoods. I think we went to over 40 houses before we found the one we bought. Our standard poodles loved the water in the back yard—when we turned on the irrigation—and they splashed through puddles back and forth. Cara has them on her blog. We asked Cara for contractors, recommendations when one didn’t come, who was more reliable, who could paint, who would she suggest for electrical work…and on and on. So now we go out for dinner together and are very good friends, and when we decided to become full time Tucsonians and look for a larger house, Cara helped us prepare the first house for sale. It sold the first day. She said to us, I found five houses that fit your criteria (dog friendly fenced yard, swimming pool, no HOA, place to park the RV, 3000 square feet with room for looms and spnning wheels and wood carving). We went house shopping with her and bought the second house on her list. She is great at helping you buy, she is great at helping you sell, and she is the best companion while you are on the search in either direction.

John and Jody Williams

Cara did an excellent job handling all details of our purchase, going well beyond the call of duty. She was always available, answered questions quickly and thoroughly, and took care of many responsibilities that we were not able to handle ourselves since we were in Oregon (Eugene) and the purchase of a home was in Arizona (Tucson). I highly recommend her. She stayed on top of everything with great care and attention to detail.

Ron T.

Awesome job!

Michael & Tamara Clark