Client Reviews

Bob was solely dedicated to our needs and showed us numerous homes and areas in town while absorbing our responses to continuously refine the search for our ideal home. We were very appreciative of his care to include my out- of-state spouse in the process. The inspections, repairs and closing were handled professionally with our interests always in mind. We are very happy with the outcome. 

Rafael & Debbie Grau, Carmel, IN

This was a great experience for us. Having Bob help us find our dream winter home was like having a brother in the real estate business. Well ok, - actually better than having a brother in the real estate business. He is a great agent and you are lucky to have him as an associate! 

Leroy & Carol Gill, Columbus, OH

Bob Cheney possesses exceptional listening skills, has comprehensive knowledge of the real estate market, and has a distinguishing quality of addressing each detail with utmost care and attention. He was always quick to respond to our inquiries, consistently followed-up all issues, and has a very clear and honest communication style.Bob is eager to meet the most challenging customer demands, and yet, apply common sense and reason to reach agreement. Never in the prolonged and emotional process of negotiating the terms and conditions of the sale, did we ever see any indication of frustration or irritation. He always conducted himself in the most professional manner, demonstrated consistent integrity, and treated all parties to the transaction with the utmost respect and dignity. 

Igor & Irina Shegolev, Tucson

Our Long Realty Realtor Bob Cheney was exceptional! My husband and I have very high standards for customer service, and Bob not only met those standards, but exceeded them.We met Bob at an Open House and felt we had an immediate connection. He did an excellent job of understanding our preferences, researching, showing us properties that were not only great options, but homes that were within our price range. He was very well organized, made all the right recommendations, and kept on top of all the tasks to assure we had a smooth and on-time closing for our dream home.Bob is extremely knowledgeable and friendly and was able to make our entire home buying experience both seamless and personalized. 

Bryan & Sara Fouts, Tucson

I am an attorney, have dealt with real estate primarily for about 30 years, and can be quite demanding, And even though my purchase had several unexpected problems, extensions, and in general presented many challenges, Bob handled and smoothed out all the proverbial curve balls, negotiating and resolving every issue and problem that was thrown at him.Bob’s intelligence, work ethic, integrity, style, savvy, problem-solving and persistence are all of a very high level. His attention to detail and protocol were excellent. What more could one ask for?Having worked with many Realtors (I am one, as well), I believe I’ve not met a Realtor more capable than Bob Cheney, nor have I ever worked with one that did a better job than the one Bob did for me. At one point, even the Seller said that had she known Bob earlier, she would have chosen to list with him. 

Tim S., Boston, MA

We met Bob at an open house in the Sabino Canyon area and found him to be a good listener and genuinely interested in answering our many questions regarding to our moving from Safford to Tucson.Shortly after meeting Bob and sharing with him the criteria for our next home, he began emailing us a number of prospects. He was extremely patient, understanding, and apparently a very good listener and researcher, as it was obvious his initial selections very closely matched our criteria.<strong>After just only two short one day trips to Tucson</strong> to look at homes with Bob, we ended up falling in love with the last showing on day 2,<strong> just the ninth home overall!</strong> But as fate would have it, the home was already in purchase negotiations with another buyer. That didn’t phase Bob however, as he jumped right in, got us an accurate assessment of the competitive picture from the seller’s agent, quickly presented our offer, and was able to get our <strong>offer accepted in less than (8) hours from the time we first entered the home!</strong> What started out as a professional business association, has since turned into a personal friendship based on mutual respect and kindness.

Frank & Mary Granberg, Safford, AZ

My wife and I recently listed our home with Bob Cheney, and we are extremely happy we did. The bottom line is results, and Bob delivered outstanding results throughout the entire process. His knowledge of what it takes to move a home in minimum time AND at the high end of the range, is truly superb. He thoroughly understands how to prepare a home for sale and how to effectively market a home.As a result of his expertise and effort, we received <strong><em>TWO offers on our home within 48 hours</em></strong> of it going on the market, and we <strong>sold at almost full asking price. </strong>Bob is very diligent, hardworking, a true pleasure to work with, and we are pleased to recommend Bob with our highest enthusiasm. 

Jim & Nona Donahue, Tucson

We wanted to move closer to Tucson from Saddlebrooke’s Preserve and find a smaller yet still comfortable home, in the right location, with a nice open kitchen, den/office, some views, a 3-car garage, and several other parameters.Bob listened, researched, and showed us several carefully selected homes from which we were able to quickly, easily, and comfortably agree on one that was perfect for us.<strong>The seller </strong>of our new home <strong>happened to be a ninety-one-year-old veteran of WWII </strong>who with his son and daughter involved in the sale, <strong>added some personality complexities.</strong> <strong>Bob did a stellar job </strong>of keeping all parties informed and on track,<strong> skillfully maneuvering amongst the various personalities, and facilitating win wins for everyone.</strong>Over the past 35 years we have bought and sold seven different properties, and I wish Bob had been our agent on all of them. 

Barry Shanly, Oro Valley

Once we made the decision to buy a home in Bend, Oregon, it was “all systems go” for selling our home in Marana. Our biggest challenge was that there were quite a few homes already for sale in our neighborhood, several with the same floor plan, and none selling very quickly.To help us better understand the competition, <em>Bob actually took us on a tour of several nearby homes for sale, which in turn was a great help to us in deciding on a list price.</em> Bob helped us with suggestions on re-arranging some of our furnishings and décor to better showcase our home’s spaciousness and floor plan. Additionally, he encouraged us to consider some cosmetic improvements and repairs to help improve prospective buyers’ first impressions.As fate would have it, just as we were about to put our home on the market, the home right across the street with same exact floor plan put up a For Sale sign. Bob took it all in stride, and our home was officially in the MLS late Friday afternoon. By Saturday evening, we happily accepted an offer just a few thousand off our asking price. Bob shared with us that <strong><em>of the (84) other single-story homes that had sold in our subdivision during the past (3)</em> years, <em>ours was the only home that </em>SOLD IN JUST ONE DAY!</strong>It‘s nice to know there are still people in this world you can count on, and Bob Cheney is certainly one of them. He’s not only very responsive and communicative, but he stays on top of things, keeps the process moving forward smoothly, and knows what it takes to get a home truly ready to sell quickly at top dollar. 

Roger & Karen Pollard, Marana

Luckily a coworker referred Bob to us, and wow was he the guy for the job! Little did we know Bob would be handing over the keys to our new home just one month after walking through the first home we saw, which ended up being " the one."Twice during the process, Bob's knowledge, experience, and negotiating skills paid off big for us. First, when our offer was on the table with an almost identical competing offer, <em>Bob was able to get the Sellers to accept our offer over the competing one.</em> Secondly, when we were wondering if we were about to pay too much, his experienced guidance in explaining a home's true value proved to be right on the money, and <strong><em>our new home ended up appraising for $3,000 over our purchase price!</em></strong>During every step of the way we felt as if we were Bob's only clients. His attention to detail, responsiveness, negotiating skills, expert knowledge, and resourcefulness, were all invaluable and we couldn’t be happier as we settle into our very first home! 

John & Godfrey Mosbach, Tucson

Bob Cheney came highly recommended, and we’re so thankful we learned about him. He held our hands through all the purchase process paperwork, inspections, repair negotiations, and in the end, we were not only able to buy our next home all cash, but <strong>thanks to Bob’s negotiating skills, after paying off our existing mortgage, we were able to leave the closing table with nearly $11,000 cash!</strong> First, he suggested we have a<em> professional floor plan </em>done, as frequently this results in discovering additional square footage, and he was right. <em>The additional square footage</em> <em>added important value we’d otherwise have missed.</em> He scheduled a no charge roof inspection, so we’d know our roof’s actual condition and avoid any later surprises during buyers’ inspections. Bob also had excellent professional photos taken to present our home in the best possible light.Not all that long after listing, we got a solidly qualified offer but lower than what we’d hoped for. Immediately <strong>Bob’s negotiating skills paid off, as he was able to get the buyers to come up another $25,000 to within $5,000 of our $350,000 target number! </strong>During inspections, he again negotiated heavily in our favor, smoothing out the process, and saving us even more money!Once we were solidly under contract, we began looking for our next home. With our list of 20+ criteria in mind, just a few days later Bob not only found us an adorable home, but <em>he managed to get our offer accepted over another offer that was already in negotiation.</em>We couldn't be happier with our results and look forward to the years ahead in our new home. Bob’s an A+ for sure!  

Pat & Jerry Masur, Tucson

Having moved around the country several times buying and selling homes, my wife Connie and I can say without reservation, that we’ve never been more confident in, trusting of, or indebted to a realtor, than to Bob Cheney.We met Bob at an Open House and he immediately impressed us with his perception of what we were looking for and his insights into the Tucson market in general. As the new general manager of a start-up dealership here in Tucson working 6+ days and 70+ hour weeks, our search time was very limited. So Bob’s reliability, punctuality, consistently doing what he said he’d do, and being available on our terms, made great use of our time. <em>We ended up making more progress in <strong>just one day of showings</strong> with Bob than in the prior many weeks with earlier representation, <strong>closing on our new home only six weeks later.</strong></em>Bob is thorough, methodical, and objective. He provided needed structure, several times helping us get our thinking back on track. He gave us a very helpful scoring sheet to help us objectively compare the homes on our short list, which appealed to my analytical side.<strong>Bob was also critically instrumental in breaking a paperwork logjam at Bank of America,</strong> that neither our loan processor nor BofA management seemed interested in expediting so we could close on time. Bob was able to track down a supervisor, ultimately enabling us to close within a week of our COE date.Bob continued to add after-the-sale value by arranging for a number of contractors to give us estimates for improvements we wanted to make after occupancy. He listened and monitored the conversations closely, offering us helpful input and advice to ensure we would get the right results at the right price. 

Bob & Connie Grady, Tampa, FL

Bob Cheney did such a great job of finding us the perfect home five years ago and getting our offer accepted against a competing offer, that when we decided we wanted something a little bigger, we knew exactly who to call to get our home sold quickly and at top dollar.His in-depth knowledge of home values in our market helped us feel comfortable coming to an asking price, and his guidance in preparing our home for photographs and showings was also right on the money. Our home<strong> SOLD in JUST ONE DAY, <em>above asking price,</em> </strong>and at<strong> <em>31% appreciation </em>for the five years we owned it, </strong><em>even though our neighborhood had only averaged 2-3% annual appreciation.</em>For anyone needing to Buy or Sell, we absolutely and wholeheartedly recommend contacting Bob Cheney. You’ll be glad you did! 

Bill & Pauline Beskar, Menomonie, WI

<strong>After more than 7 months of unsuccessfully searching with another agent,</strong> and following our return from the holidays, we had (3) homes on our short list, including one that we’d earlier made an unaccepted offer on with another agent, but which was now temporarily off the market. When we decided that home was still really the home we liked best, we gave Bob the go ahead to see what he could do.By January 4th, Bob was busy <strong><em>re-opening talks with the off-market homeowners’ agent to see if they would entertain an offer. </em></strong>After Bob thoroughly went over the numbers with us so we could better understand area home values, <em><strong>we made a new offer</strong> and had it <strong>accepted the very next day! In just 25 days from meeting Bob</strong> (which included hiatuses for Christmas and New Years),<strong> we were under contract.</strong></em> 

Tony & Samantha Amato, Tucson

Bob’s professionalism, responsiveness, attentiveness, and dependability were clearly above anything we'd anticipated. We were especially appreciative of his acute listening skills, evident in his very careful selection of properties for us to see, which in turn made very best use of our time.Bob was also very helpful in pointing out both positives and negatives in various properties, so that we could make as informed a decision as possible. His in-depth understanding of current market conditions and property values was extremely helpful in weighing one property against the other.Once we decided on the home we wanted to buy, Bob's ability to gather, analyze, and explain to us the key factors for negotiating price and repairs, proved invaluable. We found him to be an exceptionally skilled negotiator, in fact so much so, that <em>we were able to move into our new home with</em><strong><em><strong> </strong></em>$29,000 in instant equity</strong><em><strong> </strong>as the result of an<strong> appraised value 7% above our purchase price!</strong></em>Bob was also the key to our deciding upon <strong>changing to a lender he recommended </strong>who provided us<em><strong> with both better service and better rates and terms</strong></em> than the lender we were originally going to use. Without hesitation, Bob Cheney has our highest recommendation! 

Dan Surina & Geralyn Aiken, Tucson

Bob Cheney went above and beyond the call of duty on more than one occasion. His buyer changed his mind on closing dates three times, and since he lived out-of-state, it became even more difficult. The long-distance and personality differences in this transaction were extremely challenging, and Bob’s exceptional communicating skills were very instrumental in keeping me from not going through with the sale.<em>I appreciated Bob’s honesty and assistance so much, that had I known him earlier, I would have listed my home with him.</em> 

Frances Corridon, Hemet, Ca

Thanks to Bob Cheney’s persistence, professionalism, out-of-the-box thinking, and marketing skills, he was able to quickly market and sell our winter town home here in Tucson for top dollar. Bob had many helpful suggestions to give our town home maximum first impression eye appeal, and had fabulous photographs taken for use in his marketing strategy. Needing a quick sale, <em>I doubted Bob could get us the<strong> $300,000 list price</strong> he was recommending,<strong> but</strong> he <strong>actually sold it for $21,500 above that,</strong> </em><strong>on the very first day!</strong> Ours was the only town home in the community to sell for over $300,000 in the past year, and it also <strong>sold for the highest $/SF in the past 2 1/2 years!</strong> Bob did one heck of a job preparing and marketing our town home in a short time.  He clearly knows the Tucson real estate market, is friendly and easy to work with, and most importantly, can be counted on to deliver. Can’t thank Bob enough and wholeheartedly recommend him.  

Bill Burton, Oro Valley

My wife and I came to Arizona from North Dakota to find a winter home. Originally we were going to  Mesa/Gilbert, but detoured into the Tucson/Oro Valley area and were awestruck with the scenery. After a couple days of driving around and not getting a lot done, we got our first piece of luck spotting a Long Realty sign with Bob Cheney’s name on it in front of a home we thought was worth looking at.Initially we were worried that working with a realtor would force us into buying a home we really might not want. Then Bob kicked in. First, he sat us down to simply get to know us, and try and figure out what we might be looking for. We mentioned a few things we liked, but it really wasn’t much to work with. We also weren’t sure what to spend in Tucson, because we had no idea about your housing market.Bob put together a fantastic tour of homes for us, and every home we looked at was getting closer and closer to what we wanted. And <strong>on only our second day . . . BAMM! </strong>We walked into a home and both of us just stood there saying: “Oh my God, THIS IS IT, WE’RE DONE!” <strong>I was so excited I said: “The price is fine too!” </strong>But then <strong>Bob</strong> kicked in again, showing us prices similar homes had sold for, and <strong>suggested we offer $11,000 less for starters. </strong>He nailed it! <em>Not only was our purchase price accepted, but Bob had written in the inclusion of a nearly new stainless-steel refrigerator not included in the listing, and we got that too!</em><strong>Bob saved us $1000’s in repairs during inspections,</strong> and even more money in our purchase of additional furnishings directly from the sellers. We were two people from North Dakota with no knowledge about Tucson, or any clue about what would make a good buy. Instead of taking advantage of us, Bob Cheney took us under his wing and treated us like royalty. He took a personal interest in making sure we got the kind of a deal only a hometown boy would get, and that made all the difference to small town folks like us. 

Don & Kim Devlin, Williston, ND