Coming from a career in public education, Baron started his business with Long Realty Company in 2002. As a new sales associate, he quickly found success thanks to strong guidance, support, and training from both Long Realty agents and management alike.

Since that time, Baron has been a successful agent, trainer, sales manager, and branch manager of the Central Office for ten years. Most recently, Baron was promoted to Director of Education.

Baron’s passion and drive is focused on helping agents develop and refine their business plans, and has a strong commitment to excellence when it comes to professionalism in real estate.

Client Reviews

One of the many reasons I selected Long Realty is the commitment to training and continued education they provide to new and seasoned agents. I was not disappointed by the Long Academy! All of the bits and pieces of information about what is truly involved in being an agent were connected at Academy! I am grateful for the incredible information and wealth of experiences provided and have already begun to talk to friends about joining the Long team!

Thom M

Baron specializes in preparing new agents for a successful career in the real estate industry. From business planning to implementing a long-term value based strategy, Baron leverages his knowledge and expertise to provide a one-of-a-kind training experience. He has personally helped me jumpstart my career and I would highly recommend him as a manager, mentor, and teacher. Thank you for all that you do.

Adrian A

Wonderful class on all things related to the BINSR. For something that could easily be dry and boring, Baron brought the subject to life with humor, great examples, and solid information. I feel I have gained an advantage going into the next inspection period representing either side, buyers or sellers!

Nancy H

Is it any wonder his classes are the most popular? No matter the topic, Baron brings it to life through his personal experiences and professional background and his boundless sense of humor. His "students" are treated with the utmost respect sprinkled with plenty of jabbling and joshing! From one former educator to another...Baron truly has the heart of a teacher.

Martha S

It was evident to me that Baron Gauna is passionate not only about real estate but also about teaching. His lessons were fun, engaging very informative. I am thankful that I had the chance to attend The Long Realty Academy & blesses to have him & his team lead me to success. Thank you Baron for inspiring me & many others to rise to the top.

Tinali G

5-Star class as usual! Well organized, good examples... Thank you Baron!

Carrie H

It was amazing! Best training I have ever experienced, in any line of work! Fully prepared, motivated, and inspired me for the path that lay before me - developing my real estate business. A truly inspired program, with an inspirational leader. When things get tough, or I need inspiration I just remember my Academy training and that guides me. Wouldn't be here without it..........thumbs up, all the way! Five stars!

Heather M

I had the privilege of being part of Long Academy! It is incredibly helpful because they cover every aspect of the Buyers and Sellers process. You will hear Long Managers, Brokers, Agents, Legal, Insurance and Mortgage personnel share their own experiences, some funny and some scary! Above all, you will feel the support of a huge team at your disposal! Your confidence level will jump and you will not regret choosing Long Realty Company.

Sylvia M

Just when you think you know the BINSR - you take Baron's class and learn so much more! Try it, you will like it!!!

Janet T

Mr. Baron Gauna is a professional! He knows the laws, rules, timelines, you name it! He made me understand without a doubt what I need to know about the BINSR. I recommend this class without hesitation. I saw seasoned agents ask questions and getting clarifications, too! Do not miss the opportunity to master the BINSR, with Baron's help! Thank you!

Sylvia M

My experience with Baron in the July, 2017 academy class would best be described as excellent. Baron was well prepared on day one, continuing through the two weeks. His lessons and classes are well thought out, useful and most importantly, usable in everyday real estate. Marketing yourself, running a business and teaching the nuts and bolts of what we, as realtors need on a daily basis was the common theme. Baron either taught us these things, or had lined up experts to explain them to the class. Overall, a great experience from a great teacher!

Brad W

As an experienced agent of many years it is easy to think you have nothing new to learn. This was likely one of the best 3 hours I have spent towards improving my real estate business. It was so pertinent to what is needed to market in TODAY'S climate. Baron was a wonderful speaker, the class moved so well, and as an aside... he is really entertaining. I will be going to more of his classes... Darn! I guess you c;an "teach an old dog new tricks" Jenni Morrison

Jenni M

Fresh ideas! Another reason to love Long Realty! Baron is the absolute BEST instructor around! Enjoyed every minute, learned a lot and the time zipped by. Thank you Baron!

Debbie G

Baron's classes are always some of the most well-attended, by both new and experienced agents. He was and is a teacher by vocation, and it shows! This class in particular is extremely valuable because, as was talked about in class, the BINSR period can make or break a transaction. Details matter, and this class covers them well!

Emily P

Was nice to have a refresher course on being a neighborhood specialist and drum up other business. I am currently a neighborhood specialist . I try to stay on top of things there, but also want to venture out. Love what Long Realty offers us as agents.

Sherry C

I have personally attended many Long Realty classes with Baron and I can confidently say that he is one of the more enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and experienced instructors I have seen in this industry. He is also very open and willing to help anybody he can, and for these and many other reasons, Baron is a great Director of Education (for an instructor, it can't get any better than that).

Brandon H

The neighbor resource class was exceptional. You teach in a way that is easy to understand and comprehend.

Sande B

Long Realty would not be complete without Baron. He is able to offer cutting edge courses to agents that provide us with tools and techniques to master the trade. He is willing to share his experiences and view points, and does so in a manner that all can benefit from. A+!

Jessica R

The Long Academy was the best experience imaginable to kickstart my real estate career. As a brand new agent with no prior real estate experience, it gave me the encouragement, confidence, and tools needed to move forward. I especially liked the classes with Baron because of his enthusiasm and teaching style. In Baron's classes we were constantly engaged and learning. The materials provided were excellent and I refer back to the large, well-organized Academy binder frequently as an additional resource. I would recommend Long Realty and the Long Academy to anyone interested in a career in real estate. Thank you for a wonderful experience!

Joanne W

Baron consistently presents information so dynamically~ I get the nuts and bolts as well as the always interesting nuances. In discussing the BINSR, the continual tie-in to the contract through systematic communication was beautifully illustrated, and the effectiveness, well, let's just say this will take my BINSRs to the next level. Thank you, Baron!

Marva J

I choose to learn from the best. When it comes to learning how to be a Realtor, Baron Gauna is that person—he’s skillful, humble, passionate, teaching from personal experience, and excited to show you the way. What he teaches you will help you improve your skills as a real estate agent, during the course and beyond. Learn well, my friends.

Chuck G

While 10 days of Academy was grueling and a total brain overload at the time, it was well worth it. I don't see how anyone passing their state exam could possibly function in the real estate world without the training we received at the Academy. I know I learned a lot (and am still learning every day) as I did my first open house, wrote my first purchase offer and took my first listing. The training I received in the Academy prepared me for all of these functions and so much more. Congratulations and thanks to you, Baron, and all the others who gave presentations and training to us.

Robin P

I cannot fathom starting this exciting career without attending the academy. Baron and the Long Academy gave me the basic tools and confidence to hit the ground running. I don't believe any other agency provides these tools, so Long Agents are already ahead of the pack. I actually obtained a client my first week out using the tools and techniques I learned in academy.

Maria L

Baron is an excellent instructor. He's engaging, humorous, disciplined, professional and knowledgeable. His course material is well organized, relevant and interesting. He tells a story in his teaching, weaving personal experiences with the lesson of the hour. You've hardly known you just got taught something--he's that good!!! And, best of all, he's a good human being.

Lyn P

You can tell that Baron was once a teacher. He is well prepared and can easily keep a class focused and interactive. He's friendly and never hesitates to answer questions. I truly enjoyed the class and learned a great deal from him. His knowledge and expertise made me feel motivated.

Becky G

It was a great class - lots of useful information. Baron is an inspiring instructor and has great stories. Thanks so much and I look forward to attending another of your classes soon. :-)

Barbara K

This class was very well delivered! Baron explained the details of the BINSR in a very clear manner. His presentation included a step-by-step PowerPoint which he also printed and handed out to the class. He was always open to discussion but kept the class on point and on time.

Edye R

Although I somewhat dreaded entering a classroom for two straight weeks, I thoroughly enjoyed The Academy. The curriculum is well structured and timed to include open discussion and have all questions asked and answered. I left The Academy with not only an education on the business of real estate but also on the inner-workings of Long Realty Company and its wonderful family members. Baron is an excellent instructor and facilitator!

Edye R

Mr. Gauna is an amazingly articulate and knowledgeable instructor. He makes learning easy and enjoyable.

Juan M