I became a REALTOR® because I truly enjoy people. The process of finding a home is a journey that's unique for everyone, and I take pleasure in walking shoulder-to-shoulder with my clients until we reach our destination together. Even better is when I get to make lifetime connections in the process!

My clients are well-served by my caring and nurturing personality. My nature is to be calm and always look on the bright side. That optimism is what helps me to keep myself and my clients afloat even in the most potentially stressful of circumstances. Loyalty, honesty, and an unflappable work ethic motivate me to do my best every day. After twenty-eight years of work as a Certified Pharmacy Technician, I have honed my customer service skills to a fine edge; I'm a fantastic multitasker, and I'm always ready to go the extra mile for my clients! In fact, I proved my ability in this field early on, successfully closing four transactions within my first sixth months of real estate.

Sierra Vista is near and dear to my heart, with its beautiful views, gorgeous monsoon weather, and affable residents. I am truly honored to be a part of this community, and I think you'll come to love the city just as much as I do—if you don't already, that is! When I'm not working, I enjoy cooking (it's my form of therapy) and making memories with my family. I also belong to a local Jeep enthusiast group; we drive through all the back roads of Arizona, discovering scenic vistas in the course of our adventures. I'd love to tell you all about it!

I'm confident that I have the flexibility and know-how to guide you painlessly through the home buying or selling process. Please let me know how I can help you today!

Client Reviews

Ann was wonderful. I had a stroke shortly after listing my home and to leave town. Ann had to take over for me and do everything. She made the process easy and fast. Thank you Ann. Easy five stars for what she did.

Betty C

We knew we wanted to move to Sierra Vista, but had no idea where to go to find a good realtor. Living in another state, we decided to come to town one weekend a month and look around to find a neighborhood we'd want to live in. After we got an idea, we'd go from there. First weekend of looking, we came upon an open house and a lovely realtor named Ann Jones. Not only did we love the house, but Ann too. She met with us after her open house ended to show us a few more properties, and then showed us even more the next day before we had to drive back home. She just seemed know what we would like. Out of all the decisions you have to make when shopping for a new home, the hardest one was made easy. We decided to keep her! We had our Realtor! She stayed in contact and we supplied her with a list of possibilities for our next visit. After her showing us a grand total of 32 properties, we bought the lovely home where we met Ann. Not only was she professional during our hunt, but caring and a joy to work with. She suggested homes that ticked off all or most of our wants, and laughed that we chose the very first house we looked at. Never has house hunting been so enjoyable! Thank you, Ann! Anyone asks me to recommend a realtor to them, I will say, "Ann Jones!" without hesitation!

Aimee &

Ann did an outstanding job walking me through all the paperwork and answering all my questions. Not everyone can buy a house sight unseen, but I trusted Ann and there were no surprises or disappointments. She followed up on every detail, took pictures for us right down to a small scratch that would need a little paint. She was always available and a joy to work with.

Gwen &

We were very happy with Ann with are house hunting. We were looking for a home that needs work. We looked at foreclosed homes, HUD homes and a estate sale. We were not her average client that she was use to since we were looking at foreclosures and HUD homes. She made sure if something came up that she wasn't sure about she would ask questions to her broker to make sure nothing can go wrong.

Craig &

Ann is the greatest person . she is very kind caring and she has a heart of gold. She is loyal and has always been there for me . thank you Hope Johnson

Hope J


Gog a

Ann Jones is very loving caring person and realtor, we would recommend her to all our friends. Thank you Ann for everything.

Gohar S

And Jones was outstanding she made the whole transaction fun

Marsha W

Ann is a very genuine person. Liked her immediately. She is not pushing an doesn't come off but only sincere and caring

Judu M

We met Ann at an open house she was sitting. Her attitude and willingness to help impresses us very much. Ann was prompt in her communication and had a genuine interest in making sure we found the house perfect for us. I recommend Ann for all your home buying needs.

Rachel C

Ann was really great. She is a wonderful person with a great attitude and outlook on everything she handled for us. She is very considerate. She kept us informed on every step of our transaction and let us know what to expect. We couldn’t of had a better agent. Being that we had to sell our home from an out of state location instead of being there on the ground, Ann’s professionalism and thoroughness really made a big difference. Her ethics should be an example for all of your agents. Thanks so much Ann. We thank God for linking us up with you. - Michael and Adriane Drayton

Michael &

Ann Jones is amazing! We were referred to her from another agent in Tucson and we couldn't have gotten any luckier!! She started to show us houses before we were even approved having no idea if we would even buy. But still every time we found something we liked she wouldn't hesitate to show us! We just bought our first home and love it! She will be our first call if we ever decide to sell!

Christian Johnson

Ann Jones was extremely attentive, patient, and hard working. She did whatever she could to help us find a home. She was always available to answer questions and made the experience as smooth as possible. Ann understood well what we wanted and needed and helped us to find it. We highly recommend her.

Curtis & Nancy Dusthimer

It started with a phone call looking at a homes online, when Ann Jones answered our call. From the first couple of words spoken we just new we had someone that cared, she made us feel at home and lifted all the pressure that came from looking in an area we knew nothing about. Ann has bent over backwards in our search and even worked into the evenings and weekends just to help us. She showed us the homes we wanted to see, and ones she thought we may like. Then while we spent a night in town, see gave us heads up on a new listing that just came out. Wow, she hit the nail right on the head. We just loved the home she picked out for us, so of coarse we had her right it up. We used her knowledge on how to make good offer and (yahoo) we had our offer accepted. She is still working for us to finish up the details. We are so pleased with her and the work she done for us we will cherish her forever. Not only has she been such a good realtor, she has turned into a person we consider to be a good friend. Thank you Ann Tony and Debbie

Tony D. and Debbie R.

Miss Ann was very helpful on my search for my home search, I will definitely do business with Miss Ann if I find the house that I am looking for

Tony Barnes

We have loved having Ann Jones as our realtor! She is honest, upright, caring, thoughtful, so much more. We feel so blessed!

Steve and Faith Snyder