HELLO! HERE’S ALL YOU HAVE TO DO: JUST CALL ME, LARRY. My name is Larry Grabell. I’m really fun and very direct! (Did you notice?) Above all I love my family, my job, plus cars and art. Tucson is my home and I love it! Long Realty asked me to be an office manager at one point, but I didn’t play that role for very long because I wasn’t getting to inter-act with customers enough! I grew up in New York City and moved here in 1978 to attend the University of Arizona and have never looked back. Love our mountains and the huge open space, especially the national parks filled with our special saguaros. Our Desert Museum is internationally recognized and Old Tucson is such great fun! And believe it or not, we usually have snow for skiing in the winter on close by Mt. Lemmon. So my newfound client (I hope) – I’ve been selling property here since 1981 and am a very happy person! I’ve been married to my wife Ellen, a practicing physician in internal medicine, for 24 years. We are committed to supporting our 4 children for some years to come! Our triplet daughters have started their sophomore years at three separate universities and our youngest, in her senior year in high school at Basis North here in Tucson, will also be off to college soon! So, seriously, give me, Larry, a ring at 520-850-6494 or if you’re shy, just email me (Ellen and I thank you in advance!)

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