Being a resident of Cochise County for over 19 years, and prior to that of Maricopa County for 3 years, I have a pretty good grasp on Arizona desert living, and with our company headquarters located in Pima County, we pretty much have the whole of the State of Arizona covered for information on our desert living!!!

As a Long Realty Co. agent, going into my 10th year, (hard to believe, it's already 10 years!!!), I pride myself on being involved with a company that has been in business over 90 years with fantastic and all the current resources at my fingertips to assist you with your real estate needs!!!

As the Past-President of the Board of the Directors of the Boys & Girls Club of Sierra Vista, Arizona, I proudly support the Club and "the kids". See the link on my home page, and please visit our website at to see what's happening with the kids in our community, and if you want to support the kids, please do!!!

Speaking of kids...I am the 10th of 12...("YES", Catholic), and I am a very active parishioner at "Our Lady of the Mountains"!!!...My Mom is a wonderful woman, a nurse, by education, and a GREAT Dad (gone 20 years already, and I miss him every day) was in real estate in the 70's and 80's...another economically-challenging market, and I am proud to follow in his footsteps, and I know that he would be proud of my business practice of the committed customer service provided to my clients...I am honest, trustworthy, and I work for YOU...with YOUR best interests in mind!!!

My other passion is "our kids"...that's our 4-legged girlie girls...Missy Mo &GG were our first two, and we loved them both...they're gone now, but we still have our Carlee, and ask anyone that knows us, and they'll tell you that they want to come back as one of our girls, as they know that they are spoiled rotten!!! When we are not working, we are busy swimming, walking, or going somewhere the girls want to go...their Daddy just cannot say, "NO"...oh, and then there are the "real" kids...his, but they've been mine too for the past 26 years...3 kids, 5 grandkids, and 4 great granddaughters with another great grandson the way!!! What fun!!!

Speaking of fun, I/we love to travel to Alaska, where I spent 10 years shooting glamour and family portrait photography all over the state, travelling in our 27' motorhome, putting it in the belly of the Alaska Highway ferry boats to get from one native village to another...while travelling, we made many great friends and saw incredible scenery, wildlife, and experienced a great culture of people...we love to fish halibut, and we love the incredible wildlife of Alaska, but wouldn't dream of hunting anything...they are too wonderful to experience up close and personal to ever want to we just enjoy them...and that we have!!!

Another area of importance to me, and probably will be to you as well, once we enter into a real estate relationship, is our Long Realty Cares Foundation. I served (past tense) on the Board of Directors of the foundation from April, 2010 to April, 2016 , and I was actively involved with raising money for the foundation and that, I still am!!! What do we do, you ask??? Well, this is our Mission: Long Realty Cares Foundation offers "promise of hope to those who need shelter, sustenance and comfort, and the commitment to serve the needs of the communities in which we work and live". In other words, we give back to the community that gives to us!!! Out of every transaction that I close, I give back to the foundation a portion of my commission and that makes me feel good about myself, and the fact that I am helping others.

Please call me with any and all of your real estate questions, and I will be happy to help to answer your questions, and if I cannot, remember what I said at the beginning of my bio...Long Realty Co. has some of the BEST resources of any of the real estate companies in the State of Arizona, and the State of Arizona has some of the BEST destinations to visit in the country...and we, here in Sierra Vista have a BONUS...we are the "Hummingbird Capital of the United States", and we like to pride ourselves on the most fantastic rainbows this side of Hawaii, and our weather is really AWESOME year-round!!!

When we enter into a real estate transaction together, we will want to be friends forever, as I treat my clients with the utmost of respect...that which you would want in a FRIEND!!!

PEACE to you and your family!!!

Client Reviews

JocelynLawley is an extremely qualified realtor. Very easy to deal with. She was my realtor when I bought my home and this time- selling it.

Alma B

Our Agent ......listenned to us then directed and instructed us to prepare for the Sale of our home.

Agnes &

Jocelyn went above and beyond to make it all happen and come together

Judith Manty Boyer

Most pleasant, kind, knowledgeable person I have ever done business with. Hope to know her forever.

Patricia Ward